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10-26-2004, 10:40
Obviously, I just posted a long winded review of the Queensryche show I experienced last weekend. ;f

It'd be cool if people posted reviews of recent shows they've seen so that the rest of us can consider checking them out (or not) when they come to our town.

All genres! I'm a fan of just about everything and am always open to checking out any live music.^c

I've seen shows from Prince to Judas Priest to Wynton Marsalis to Maxwell to Metallica to Public Enemy to Buddy Guy to Melissa Etheridge, etc.! As long as it's LIVE it's all good! ^c

10-26-2004, 13:30
Thanks for the Queensryche review BTW.Eddie Jackson and Chris DeGarmo are from my area.They used to shop at my Work years ago...nice folks.:)