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10-26-2004, 17:50
My dad is running Norton on his PC, it keeps finding 14 adwares. He says he can't find a way to delete them.

Is that because they are running? Does he need to stop the processes before he tries to delete them?

Will Norton tell him where the process is or does he have to search for them and delete them manually.

Thanks for any help, brad

10-26-2004, 18:40
You didn't say which version your Dad is running. I haven't been very "happy" with Norton's capacity to remove these things. I haven't tried the newest 2005 version. I still feel it is the best AV on the market.

I prefer Spy Sweeper which is available from It has received lots of good press. You get a free 30 day use. You might want to download and try it to clean up the mess. The purchased version does a little better job since it downloads a newer "anti" list. Others like AdAware. It is an "older" program that still gets good press most of the time.

To answer the rest of your question ... sometimes you can stop some of them by shutting down the processes when in "safe mode". Spy Sweeper will run in the SM and that often helps too.

10-30-2004, 06:00
Use Ad-aware SE Personal. You can download it for free (there are non-free versions as well, but not necessary) at Just make sure you update the definations. Spy Sweeper is also an excellent product.

I can't stand anything Norton. It is resource hogging bloatware. Same with McAfee. Many free anti-virus solutions are more effective and far more efficient. One the especially comes to mind is AVG Antivirus.

I myself use NOD32. It's not free, but I believe it is the best. NOD32 has the best heuristics track record of any anti-virus. Not only that, it's the fastest scanner, and uses hardly any system resources.