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10-27-2004, 11:54
I push ON button. Up comes Windows graphic. Then black page with gobbledygook on it, says "to reset, press any key". I have tried every button or combination of buttons on the keyboard. I've stumbled into a few other pages, but it always goes back to the stuff above. It hsa Windows 98SE.. Also, between the page changes, it has a repetitive sound effect. Sort of a stacatto, clicking... Help, mr. wizard!!! Thanks in advance. The best way to get me, is email. Luckily, I have two Tpads, so I'm able to do some stuff. But, I'd sure like to get the other one functional!

10-27-2004, 13:15
Hmm That sounds like a virus. I can't remember which one was causing the reboots.

You may have to reinstall from scratch.

10-27-2004, 13:58
Sounds like your hard drive is about to go out. The last hard drive I had go out was making tribal clicking sounds. Yeah, I've lost a lot of hard drives...

10-28-2004, 13:06

Is the gobbledy-gook legible, or are the characters corrupted?

If you can read it, then it might just be POST info, but it is probably trying to tell you what it thinks is wrong.

If you see any error messages or other info that may be pertinent, please try to transfer some of that info to us so we can better diagnose the problem.

It isn't the MSBlast worm; that reboots PC's but can only infect XP/W2K.

Is the staccacco clicking coming from the speakers or the hard drive in the laptop's guttyworks?

It is highly probable that the Click Of Death is a likely scenario, if it isn't coming from the speakers.

Good luck,


10-28-2004, 14:00
First page: "IBM THINKPAD" in color, clear. Second page: Windows graphic, blue sky background, clear. Third page: On black background it says: "Error: Not enough contiguous free disk space exists to create the suspend to disk file.Refer to user manual for possible suggestions on increasing the disk free space, for the suspend to disk file. Press any key to reset..." This all started when I pushed a button that said something about safe mode or hibernate. I know it sounds stupid. I'm sure it was. The error message has changed since this first occurred.Don't remember what it was back then. I've tried every combination of buttons. Occasionally, it will then stop at some other "page". I sometimes get a color, yet scrambled version of the start page. May not be correct name for it. It's a picture I put on, with all my program icons. It says "safe Mode in the lower corner. I can get the programs up, but they don't do anything. I am not really computer-conversant, but, I'm sort of convinced that I did this when I pushed the wroing button. It began exactly then. Anyway, any ideas not involving matches and gasoline? Thanks, Robert

11-08-2004, 12:50
I forgot..the clicking sounds the same as when the thing is first fired up, when it's doing its usual process (whatever that is), before I can log onto anything. Help. It's been about two months and I'd sure like to use it before it gains "classic" status. :(

11-08-2004, 14:04
Try using f8 at the IBM screen to boot into Safe mode.

Defrag the HDD. Check the disk usage; if you have less than 5% left free, delete some stuff and defrag again.

That ought to help.

11-08-2004, 17:17
I appreciate the help. But, I've tried those things already. I also tried Scandisc, and 2 or 3 other programs designed to help, if it's too crowded in there. I also deleted all temp files as well. Heeeelllppp!!!!