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11-04-2004, 10:07

I have an ancient, but good HP scanner, which runs off a parallel port, and I run XP.

Problem is, once I have put the machine in "standby" or "hibernate", which I do daily, the scanner service or driver or whatever is tossed out, and the scanner won't work until I restart XP. :(

I bought a parallel to USB adapter, then found it won't work with a scanner, only a printer.

I could solve this issue by just picking up a USB scanner, but I was wondering how to go about initializing the thing without restarting Windows.

Any ideas?? Thanks...:)

11-04-2004, 12:03
Why do you place the machine in standy mode?

No reason to do that unless you have a Laptop that runs exclusivley on battery power only.

Does the scanner show up as a printer device?

Start/settings/printers and faxes.

see if you can select the scanner from here when it drops offline.

11-04-2004, 18:17
Most times in XP the scanner, once properly installed, will appear under the icon for Scanners and Cameras in the Control Panel as long as it is turned on.

Navigate to this location and click its icon to start the XP Scanner Wizard, which will then allow you to customize and preview the scan job, as well as name it and select the location for the saved file.

Good luck,


11-06-2004, 00:11
Hey, thanks!! :)

I hibernate my computer at night. Why? I dunno. Maybe I can still hear my dad saying "shut off the lights when you're not using them!"

The scanner shows up in "scanners and cameras" on a fresh boot. But standby or hibernate just once, and it is gone, and "non-findable" until the next boot...that's the problem.

I can only think of two solutions...never hibernate, or buy a USB scanner.

I was just hoping for some way to ignite the thing without rebooting.

Thanks again,

11-06-2004, 15:24
Did you try opening the Device Manager and Refreshing it to see if that'd pick it up again?

It's possible that the Parallel Ports aren't set up properly in your BIOS. If this is an OEM PC you are using, you might not be able to tinker with those settings.

One thing: did you just use XP's Plug'N'Pray to install the drivers for it, or did you go to the HP site (or to grab a set for the XP OS? It might just be a driver problem; but it might also be that the MOBO isn't waking its parallel port up again after you Hibernate.

You have tried turning the scanner off and on after the PC comes out of hibernation, right? Sometimes that helps, sometimes it does nothing.

At least USB scanners aren't too pricey these days, if you have to go that route...

Best regards,