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11-04-2004, 17:42
I need to get a Socket A Micro ATX motherboard, preferrably with onboard Video/Audio. Only thing Im really hitting on in this category, is the Shuttle MN31L.

I've never heard anything bad about Shuttle boards, I just haven't heard anything about them at all. :). If anyone knows about Shuttle boards, or knows of another board that will meet the above criteria, I'd appreciate your input.




11-04-2004, 18:26
They are pretty good, for the most part. But I have a couple of questions for you...

Question 1: why do you want a MicroATX form factor board?

Question 2: Why would you want an onboard video solution?! You do know those chips are barely adequate for an e-mail machine and will even bottleneck most PC Solitaire games, correct?!

Onboard sound is useful, for the most part, and almost impossible to avoid on a modern mobo at any rate; but a chipset for AMD that supports graphics will run more slowly by virtue of its architecture than a decent chipset with only an AGP slot available will, since it does not use CPU cycles or system RAM to provide VGA support...

A decent, low-end card is the Radeon 9000 or 9200, and they are cool-running, low-power cards that cost from $40 to $70, depending on other options. If you never, ever plan to install a game more intensive than Solitaire on this rig, then avoid the GeForce FX 5200 cards....they are not good performers in any way.

IMO, a board w/o an AGP slot and only an onboard graphics solution is just asking for trouble later on.

Good luck,


11-04-2004, 20:50
Trust me, Fastfvr, I agree with everything you said, and if this were my PC, I'd be doing exactly what you suggested. I have voiced my disdain in the past(on this forum) for onboard video.

This is not my computer, I'm simply fixing it for a friend. Working with what they already have. The case they have will only take the micro boards(its a small case), and they don't have a video card, and don't want to buy one(same with sound)... I also advised the performance increase of even a low end graphics card, but they aren't hearing it. I imagine once they see how crappy this thing performs, I'll be putting a video card in.

You may notice though, the board I linked to above has an AGP slot. :)

Sad thing is, this PC has some good components. CDRW, 60gig hard drive, 400w Power supply, 2300+ Athlon, 1gig of RAM. If I could get them to get another case(I found a reasonably priced one for $30 at CompUSA, no P/S) so I could put a Asus or Soyo board in this thing, and then add a video card, it'd be even better. Maybe I'll show them this post to let them know I'm not the only one that believes this...

Thanks for the info on Shuttle...


11-04-2004, 22:06
Personally I would not go with Shuttle (I've had one before). I'd go with DFI, Epox, Asus, or Abit. There are a few others good ones too.

11-05-2004, 06:40
Originally posted by younggenious
Personally I would not go with Shuttle (I've had one before). I'd go with DFI, Epox, Asus, or Abit. There are a few others good ones too.

If you can name an Asus or Abit that meets the criteria in the first post, I'm all ears.


11-05-2004, 09:46
I built one several months ago using the Shuttle MN31N. It's been a flawless board. The on-board video is fine if your not a gamer. Absolutely no video problems with running apps, 3D screensavers etc. The on-board audio is excellent. That bit about the video bogging down playing solitaire is bunk. Be sure to configure your memory to dual channel for best performance. If you want a more powerful video option in the future, the board has an AGP slot. I believe the MN31N is no longer offered. The only difference I see in the MN31L is that it doesn't have Firewire. I'm running one gig memory in mine with a Barton 2500 and it's pretty snappy set at optimum. The downside is that it will only accept a cpu up to 2700. In contrast, their full size AN35N Ultra will accept a cpu all the way up to the 3200 and has much better OC features if your into that but then again you'll need a new case and video card.
I do agree with much that's being said here. If I had to do it again and I had the moola, I'd build a full size ATX. You have more options.

11-05-2004, 20:04
Good news, Convinced them to go another route and actually fix this PC up right. Bronson, I'm glad you've had good luck with your onboard Video, its just something I don't like(being that I enjoy games from time to time)...

30 Case
38 Saphire Radeon 7000(64mb)...

I couldn't find the video cards you mentioned above, fastvfr. Probably just my local chop shop didn't have them in. Regardless, this one seems like it will be just fine.

Windows is installing on it now as we speak, in another room. I think its gonna be a lot better than what they had.