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Texas T
11-10-2004, 00:30
http://www.twtex.com/viewtopic.php?t=2444 (my favorite moto forum right now). I believe that TXSTOC (Texas ST Owner's Club) had a large rally this past weekend and this is what she is refering to...

I am passing on this email, if you have any info , email jen.mason@sbcglobal.net

From: Jen Mason
To: pjuvenal@nationaldentalnetwork.com
Cc: pjuvenal@comcast.net
Sent: Monday, November 08, 2004 1:38 PM
Subject: Needing help

Hi, I'm Bob Walck's fiancee-- he rides a 2001-3 V-Strom, yellow/black. He attended some of the rally activities in Kerrville this past weekend. I have not spoken with him since Saturday morning and he was supposed to return to Houston around 3 on Sunday afternoon. He stayed by himself at Kerrville-Schriener Park. He did not return yesterday and by this morning Kerrville PD had called on behalf of the park. Attached is a photo-- I'd appreciate it very much if you could pass this along to everyone who might have went to this rally so that we can retrace his steps, find him and get him home to Houston as soon as possible.

Thanks, Jen

Texas T
11-11-2004, 20:38
Link to his Missing Person report...


Texas T
11-12-2004, 23:08
With regret, the missing rider has been found, dead. He failed to negotiate a corner. He was found by the police off Hwy 187 North of Vanderpool.

It's unknown as to why he missed the corner. Another poster (on the other board) mentioned that any curve in that area can be safely made at any speed under 90. It could have been a car that forced him off the road, a drunk driver, or even Bambi running in front of him. We'll probably never know. Condolences to his family and fiance.

Be careful out there. If you can, ride with a buddy. If you can't, at least have good ID so they know who you are when they put you in the bag.