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11-11-2004, 07:27
Ok BOGS,grace this newbie once again with your knowledge and opinions... Para-ordnance P14.45? What do you guys think of it? How much is a fair price? Any known faults to look for? As some of you know Im looking around at .45s and a P14.45 was offered to me... one problem then is the license is expired....If I do decide to purchase it will I have problems licensing it? Once again thanks to you who have given me any info and opinions. I owe you all a beer.;c

Eye Cutter
11-11-2004, 16:52
going for 50-60k (limited) pre-owned. just pay for the penalties on the expired license.

i'd get a P16-40 instead. but that's just me.

11-11-2004, 18:23
Hmm magkano if its not limited? Any problems with para ordnance? Frame weakness or anything? Anyone with any experience with this model or para ord in general?

Eye Cutter
11-11-2004, 19:15
50k yung standard model. 60k yung limited. mga bihis na competition ready pistols 75-80k. there are some Paras that develop frame cracks but that is i believe gunsmith induced more than anything else (poor fitting). i've seen SVI/STI's and SPS frames that developed cracks.

11-11-2004, 23:50
Pre matanong ko lang kung gagamitin mo sa laro or pang......wala lang. Kung hanap mo ay pang use and abuse try mo ARMSCOR sir di pa masakit sa bulsa. A have a litany of negative stuff about para-ord thats why I picked ARMSCOR kaya kahit pa mabiyak yung armscor ko sa gitna ay OK lang kasi mura. Pero kung pang display eh sa para-ord ka na para sa POGI points.;) IMHO

11-12-2004, 04:50
Hmm lets say .... its to be the bedside gun... I have also ordered a 9mm from armscor the M1911 A1 9P FS which is being processed in crame, which the shop said would be ready next week. So I had hoped my first .45 would be more saucy. Anyways I fired this guys P14.45 today. 136 rounds assorted semi-wad and round lead reloads.

WOW!!! Nice!! No Jams!! I double tapped, tripple tapped, emptied two magazines(28 rounds)as fast as possible No jams whatsoever Ive rented Armsor .45s(7X TIMES gastos no?) before and found jamming to be ever so irritating. I know 130+ rounds isnt much but I was impressed.

What do you guys think? Its an older p14.45 I think but it really fit me well compared to some of the other .45s Ive handle as of late.And the trigger felt really nice. (of course I base this on my limited experience with my pt92, my Sig229, which I only fired in Arizona for at most 200 rounds and rentals)

Eye Cutter
11-12-2004, 05:56
armscor vs para-ord:

over priced nga kasi ang sps, sti, svi. ang para madaming negative comments spec. among us gunsmiths. armscor has improved their product tremendously. kung pang bedside pistol. walang problema kung armscor or para, basta reliable.

hintayin mo gunshow this november. baka meron na yung mga bagong armscor frames. it is already rounded, wala ng butas sa grip and the quality has been improved.

11-14-2004, 22:52
Looks like you've already set your mind on the Para. Go for it, maganda 'yon. If you buy the armscor then later on magsisi ka kasi gusto mo talaga yung Para, might as well save the money and buy what you really want. :)

i'm biased...may Para rin kasi ako...hehe

11-15-2004, 05:17
Well I figure its easier to purchase an Armscor (basic model .45) at any time. Pero minsan lang that I have enough saved (hirap mg ipon) to get an original Para Ordnance (I found out meron din pala fake Para Os) I also had a couple of smiths I trust take a look and they said it was a decent deal. Still thinking though....How do you post pics here? ....Do I have to be the thread starter?