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11-14-2004, 06:54
A few months back I said that I had broken my Dell Inspiron (2650, I think)laptop 14.1" screen. You guy's suggested looking on e-bay for a replacement. Great idea, lots of them available at tolerable prices.

The question I have is...Is the screen model specific, meaning does it have to be an "Insprion" screen or can it be any dell laptop screen of 14.1" size (or maybe family specific, "Insprion" vs. Latitude" for example)? Also, must it be 14.1" or could I substittue it with a 15"? The reason why I ask the last one is that when I bought the thing, it had 14.1" as astandard, but the 15" was available as an option for extra $$$ IIRC. This leads me to beleive that I might be able to replace it with one of the 15" ones. I don;t actually care about the size, this would merely increase the number of potential candidates.


11-14-2004, 06:55
BTW, I tried to search for the opld post but it didn't come up. I think a lot of old posts have been lost to the various board changes and hack attempts.


11-14-2004, 14:36
The 15" optional screen was likely sporting a larger case size both top and bottom.

You should stay with the same model and size, to ensure compatibility.

Or do what a lot of folks do; decide between upgrading to a new laptop or getting a fully-functional twin of their current model so they can use the busted one for a source of spare parts.

11-14-2004, 15:13
you probably need to take the LCD screen out (take off the rubber pads and unscrew the screws in the laptop lid) and look at the back of the LCD panel.

For instance, my dell screen is made by Toshiba. if i search for replacement screens by the dell model number, they're close to $300.00. if i search by the Toshiba part number, they're close to $100.00

no, a larger screen won't fit and may be incompatible with your motherboard/videocard.