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Jubal Early
11-14-2004, 18:06
Blue and Tiny

11-14-2004, 18:07
Those are really cute! Congratulations! ;)

ATL Peach Girl
11-14-2004, 19:07
Nice dogs!! What breed are they??? They look like they are big 'ole softies!!! ;f

11-14-2004, 19:25
What eyes! :)

11-16-2004, 13:18
Neapolitan Mastiff's I think. Cool dog's.

Jubal Early
11-18-2004, 20:51
You are right. They are Neo Mastiffs. My daughter got the smaller of the two for her husband who decided not to keep her. Her name is Tiny and she goes in at about 120 lbs. The one I adopted "Blue" is a bit larger at about 135 lbs. Like all mastiffs they think they are lap dogs.