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11-16-2004, 06:19
I have been inquiring this in a few places now, I hope I can find a straight answer dito. Is it available to aquire as of now? Is it safe(legally of course)? Thanks....;a

11-16-2004, 09:55
currently, its only made available to civilians with death threats. threat level is validated by PNP intel.

11-16-2004, 16:46
Hi AK :)

Is it available to acquire as of now? Yes, it is. The total of permit fees runs to about 4,200.00.
As 9MX has pointed out, you technically have to 'really need' the PTCFOR: 'outstanding threat' as the PNP deems it. Just obtaining the documentary proof of your actual need can run in excess of 10,000... even waaay in excess
Is it safe(legally of course)? Not sure what you mean by that, AK. :)
There's nothing inherently unsafe about obtaining and bearing a PTCFOR: I mean, the authorities already KNOW you own a firearm (along with every different Bong, Jun and Pepe whose PTT your name shares space with every 3 months), and I've yet to hear of extra off-hours attention being lavished by the boys in blue onto a private citizen just because he/she holds a PTCFOR.

Now, if you mean 'is it safe to carry', then that's a whole other discussion. You have to ask yourself: is PhP 12,000 --maybe even PhP 20,000 and every year, mind you-- justified by whatever threat you perceive? That's a monthly salary for most, and that's merely the cost of obtaining a permit. If you carry, the fact DEMANDS additional considerable expense in training for safety AND effectiveness with your weapon. Carrying is a profound responsibility towards all who fall within your weapon's theoretical reach at any given time. Carrying via PTCFOR does not provide constant security: how many establishments rightfully disallow private firearms carried onto their premises?

I could have gotten a PTCFOR some time back. With the documents I already had in hand, I was advised that I needn't have to shell out too much more than the permit fees. I decided not to, for all the inherent disadvantages of carrying, rather than any disadvantages of bearing a permit to do so.


11-16-2004, 17:11
Good advice guys. Thanks... Thats why I love this forum ... straight to the point. Thats what I needed. Oh, and thanks horge for showing me here.