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11-17-2004, 12:55
I have a Dell 4100 tower (about 5 years old). Just today a whirring sound has begun coming from the tower. I run two HDs-the original 20gig plus and added 80gig. Is it time to replace or is there some simple fix? I want to avoid losing the music I have stored and this is my main worry.

Packin' Heat
11-17-2004, 13:03
prolly one the HD's on its way out. You might want to try to see if you can find out which one (ie. open that sucker up and see what exactly is whirring). Back everything up before it gets to the point where its all dead.

11-17-2004, 13:07
It really depends on what is making the noise. I'd bet dollars to donuts it's a cooling fan of some type but the only real way to tell is going to be to open the case and see. This may even entail disconnecting the fans to see if the noise stops.

WARNING Some processors DO NOT take well to not being cooled. I.E. if you disconnect that fan do a quick power on, see if noise stopped, and Power Off.

11-17-2004, 13:47
I did nothing except shut down and restart a couple of times. Now the whirring has stopped. So I am still in a quandry. Is this merely the calm before the storm? Back up is a little out of the question as I have 3K+ songs and this would require a ton of CDs. I had thought about downloading to an external HD but, given the cost of the external HD, I am thinking about just replacing the whole tower with one of the inexpensive ones from Dell. I really only browse the net and listen to music. Thoughts would be appreciated.

11-17-2004, 14:21
I'd go the route of checking the fans.

One simple fix may be to get a can of compressed air and clean out inside the case. Some dust may be causing the fan to make noise. And when you have the case open, you may be able to locate the noise.

11-17-2004, 22:18
Originally posted by Romadoc
Back up is a little out of the question as I have 3K+ songs and this would require a ton of CDs.

A DVD burner is calling your name.

11-19-2004, 19:55
I also put my vote on a cooling fan


11-20-2004, 22:12
I would check cooling fans first, as well. Given that I am in a family of nerds, I can usually get parts by taking a quick trip to our garage.

I really recommend getting a DVD burner as well, they are cheaper than ever, and can really store a lot of data. Even better, if you transfer them to DVD you could play them directly from it, and have a bunch of freed HD space.