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View Full Version : Can I hook up Sprint DSL without a NIC?

J.D. Locke
11-19-2004, 19:12
I don't have a NIC,is there some other way to hook up Sprint DSL without one?


11-19-2004, 19:45
No and you can get a nic for $5.

J.D. Locke
11-19-2004, 19:49

How hard are they to install?

As you can tell I don't know squat about computers.;f

11-19-2004, 20:11

You can get a usb network adapter.
One usb no NIC ready to go.

11-19-2004, 20:30
Concur on the USB device. Go to Office Max, Walmart or some random electronics place and buy a 10/100 USB adaptor.

I think I paid $20 for one at Walmart.

J.D. Locke
11-19-2004, 22:01
Thanks guys!

I think I'll go with the USB Adapter,like I said I don't know squat about computers.

Do I just plug in the adapter into a USB port?^8

11-19-2004, 22:26

modem > usbadapter > pc usb port

However, you can buy a nic and do it yourself soooooo easily.
Really. You should.

Or do you have no room for one or something?

11-19-2004, 22:47
If you don't know squat, you're probably getting the 645-R modem (it's blue). Buy the USB adaptor, plug it in, and if it doesn't automatically install you may need to put in the CD that comes with it so Windows can search for some files on it. After that, plug the modem into the wall, plug the red wire into the back of the modem and then into the USB adaptor. You should magically be on the internet in a few seconds.

Take a second to make sure you have virus software up to date, and you visit and update Windows. FIRST thing you should do...even before visiting GT ;)

J.D. Locke
11-19-2004, 23:43
Man you guys are the best!Off to Wal-Mart in the morning.

I live way off in the woods and Sprint just put in the lines for DSL out here.I'm not going to know how to act with a faster computer.This dial up sucks!Anybody know how much faster my downloads will be compaired to dial up?

Thanks again guys!:)

11-20-2004, 00:18
My old dialup service: 40Kbps

My newer ADSL service: 1600Kbps

Forty times faster for me, but I got Max Speed rather than high speed...was about $10 more per month.

I can download a full 650MB .iso file of a Linux distro in less than two hours on a good server.

With fast DSL speeds, the bottleneck is usually on the other end...when a site has insuficient bandwidth of is very busy, ect.

Good luck, and have FUN!!

Glock Bob
11-20-2004, 01:42
Actually, your computer won't run any faster. ;)

Anyway, USB will most likely create a bottleneck between your modem and system, slowing it down. An ethernet card takes about 2 minutes to physically install and another couple to install the software. I'd go with the ethernet card as you'll learn a little about your computer in the process. If you required help installing it, all you'd have to do is ask someone on this board. It's simple to walk ANYONE through it...well, ALMOST anyone. I'm sure a 3-year old couldn't do it. But, I digress.

11-20-2004, 02:32
One more thought, some newer computers come with an Ethernet adapter (NIC) built in.

Look at the back of your computer and see if there is a place to plug in a network cable - looks like a standard telephone plug but wider.

Hope this helps !

PS> you will love DSL compared to dialup !

11-20-2004, 05:59
I haven't seen one but I've heard there are DSL modems now with both ethernet and USB jacks.I got DSL as soon as it was available in D.C. a few years ago.My DSL modem only has an ethernet jack but you can go from USB to ethernet.The company gave me a NIC and if I kept the service for one year the modem was free too.I see a lot of new PC's now have built-in NIC's.

J.D. Locke
11-20-2004, 13:42
Thanks guys.I bought a NIC and put it in.You were right,that was too easy!:)

11-21-2004, 08:22
Originally posted by J.D. Locke
Thanks guys.I bought a NIC and put it in.You were right,that was too easy!:)

Just think, you now have the required knowledge to build your own PC.

It really is that easy...


J.D. Locke
11-27-2004, 16:02
Okay,Sprint finally got around to activating my DSL account.Now I can cruise the net a lot faster.I would have had high speed eariler but way out here in the woods this is all we have and they just offered it last week.

Anyway,one more question,how do I check my connection speed?I want to see how much faster I'm going!;f Thanks.

11-27-2004, 16:36
There are a few websites that will tell you your connection speed.They are fairly close.I can't remember what the sites are off hand.

11-27-2004, 17:19 and and

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11-27-2004, 17:21
This one doesn't work very well for me