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11-20-2004, 00:46
Everything look normal here?

Anything I should get rid of?

What does Commit Charge mean?

28 processes is a low number, right?


11-20-2004, 09:31
lol...i have 47 processes and my commit charge is 316m. of course that is right now with 8 ie windows open, rhapsody playing, steam loaded, outlook express open, yahoo pager and aim running, weather bug running and winmx with 42 dl's going! :-)

11-20-2004, 12:51
28 can be considered low, but its all relative. The box I use here at work only runs 13 processes after booting, it running 16 right now with Glocktalk, Outlook and Java going.

For example, Win2K only needs about 12 processes running to be fully functional with internet. XP is about the same. I suggest you take a look at this guide : - and then go through your Services to clean up what you don't need / shouldn't have running.

Services = start - run - type services.msc

EDIT : Just looking at what you've got running at a glance, you can kill these safely :

MSPMSPSV.EXE - windows media portable serial number thingy
SCARDSVR.EXE - do you have a smart card reader?
ALG.EXE - application layer gateway, no longer needed if you have SP2
MSMSGS.EXE - you running msn messenger?
JUSCHED.EXE - this is Java's auto-update

Some of the other items are part of your Norton, some of the others are from various other unknown (to me) applications on your system. Cleaning up your services as detailed above, will get rid of at least one of those svchost.exe entries.