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11-21-2004, 13:03
When I select “Post Preview” here on GT, the sentences run off the page and I have to scroll back and forth to read them. Is there a button or adjustment that will force that page to fit my screen, width-wise?

The same thing happens while reading threads. The right margins (the box around different posts) don’t line up and some will be off the screen, again the scroll thing.

Both are very irritating. Can someone help?


11-21-2004, 16:41
Sounds like SOMEONE is still using Internet Exploder to browse the Web...

Try Me! (

11-22-2004, 11:01
Originally posted by fastvfr
Sounds like SOMEONE is still using Internet Exploder to browse the Web...

Try Me! (


Thank you for your response.

You are right and to make things worse, IM still using Windows 98. In addition, cable hook up and Norton AV and firewall. I know how to operate them and the system is running great. Problem is my learning curve is more of a loop and most of the time when I down load or try something new, I ball things up and limp threw straightening out a mess. In this case for a rather minor inconvenience.

I know this is like doing surgery over the phone but…….

Are you, or know someone who is, running the program you recommended and do you think there could be any compatibility problems with what IM using?

If there is no way to fix this with what Iv got then I suppose your recommendation is one I will consider.

Thanks again for your time,

11-22-2004, 13:19
Foxfire will work with Windows 98 and Win98SE.

Opera will work too. I prefer Opera.

Both Opera and Foxfire are faster, more secure and less buggy than IE. You won't go wrong with either ;)

Opera download:

11-24-2004, 09:35
Responded via PM - I have the same problems but only when the thread has a huge picture in it to make the window really wide. Is that the problem?

11-24-2004, 20:05
Thasnks, all fixed.....Resolution adgustment.

Oh no, now spell check.


Thanks All.