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11-21-2004, 22:24
I ran across a raccon like animal that had a ring tail but shaped like a cat tail. It appeared to be all black and about the size of a medium size cat. It really looked like a lean/slim coon with cat legs.

I think it is a ocelot or jaguarundi. Anybody hunted these before? I thought they where only in African on South America

11-23-2004, 14:59
Could have been a ring-tailed cat. It's related to the racoon. Kind of interesting you saw one out your way. The books all say it's a western animal. I guess they can't read. :)




11-24-2004, 08:30
i think it was a jaugarundi , never heard of one and till I did some research and talk to a biologist friend.

It was surely cat like and look kinda like a coon but the face was a strange sight. The population here is suppose tobe feral. And they are more common in TX/AZ thru mexico. The one I saw had a dark grey to blackish coat ( hint the jaguar appearance ) and a long tail, I thought it had it's tail tip in a ring or 2 of gray or a lighter color. It was sleek and trim and it's legs didn't match it body in size. they look to be a little bit to long. I tried tracking the cat on a trail but he was moving to quick and always looking over it's shoulder. So when it stop I had to stop. It was a beautiful sight to see this creature. Now I found out they are a not classification of a huntable species, but they are an exotic and nobody really knows if they here in FL due to controversy on this animal.

btw,It was not a ocelot, do to they have circle spots. So I can rule it out.