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El Capitan
11-22-2004, 23:02
I have XP SP2, brand new clean install, windows med player 10.

Real, quicktime, etc all work for streaming, such as listening to samples on Amazon.

WMPlayer, OTOH, sits and says "connecting", doesn't buffer, and sometimes "retrying", then just stops and says "ready" with no playback.

It does this standalone or within an IE page.

I'm running through a router, but no firewall software.
And again, the other programs stream fine.

I just really want to listen to a local radio station that uses a WMPlayer to hear the streaming content.

Is there a fix?

Is there a way to locate the streaming file address and use different software?

El Capitan
11-22-2004, 23:05
FWIW, here is the streaming file location, if there is another way to play it:


11-22-2004, 23:10
I just tuned into the stream and they're discussing how a bomb squad was called into an airport because this idiot woman left her vibrator running in her suitcase.

I'm entertained :)

El Capitan
11-22-2004, 23:16
It is Dave Shelley and Chainsaw on, a San Diego morning show.

Seriously, listen to them for a month or so to learn who is who, and they are hands down one of the funniest, if not The Funniest show around.

El Capitan
11-22-2004, 23:19
I actually somehow nerded out and found the fix.

I found out that it was error C00D11D4.

I searched at Windows and someone suggested unchecking the UDP option under Tools>>Options>>Network, then restarting.

It actually worked. Figured I post it if any of you have the same prob.

11-24-2004, 00:13
I listen to international radio stations online.The ones that use Windows Media Player require that you use Internet Explorer.With Windows Media Player streaming video I can use Mozilla but for audio streams I must use Internet Explorer.The websites even say that you must use Internet Explorer.Does anybody know a way to use Mozilla or another browser in place of IE for WMP streaming audio?