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11-23-2004, 19:36
I've been studying for my tech + CW test, and was telling the wife about how cool it willbe when I get my first radio, and she suggested we get a scanner (we have talked about it before).

went to Radio Shack & picked up a Pro-95 for $149

been enjoying the hell out of it. She has been laughing at me because I have never listened to scanners before, and she used to have one a long time ago. I've been walking around the house with it and carried it in the car with me to work ;)

my pc hookup should be here Monday, going to download some software and start working on banking some freqs..I drive 110 miles round trip a day, and want to program in the freqs for the area I work in.

11-27-2004, 13:13
this forum doesn't see much action does it ? LOL

11-27-2004, 15:36
Nice start. It's amazing what you can hear with these things if you know where to look. Try the magazine Monitoring Times by Grove Enterprises. Lots of help and information. Try to buy things inexpensive from hamfests and busineses. Just do your homework before buying so you know what you are buying and a good deal. 73

12-05-2004, 22:20
Get a good external antenna, I run a maxrad magbase with an andrew asprb1415 antenna, works like a champ. In fact I have two other vehicles with permanent mounts that use same andrew antenna excellent reception. DONT WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY ON RATSHACK, IT IS CRAP FOR THE MOST PART!!! I have the same pro95, works really well. Use the limit search to discover stuff that is not always listed, also this site works great: good luck and enjoy your new hobby.