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11-26-2004, 08:18
My step-daughter, Lara, age 18, shot her first and second deer during our early "Urban Season" (October 8th thru October 11th).

Opening Day we climbed into one of my stands (5' x 5' x 14' platform stands). At 7:20am the deer began to move in. Five deer, four yearling with a single adult doe. She was pumped up and it took a bit of calming to get her breathing steady, but at 7:35am the adult doe was about 30-40 steps and was giving us a perfect broadside shot. Lara lined up...nothing. I whispered, "you don't have to shoot...just watch if you want". "No, I want to shoot, I can't get my finger to move". "OK, take your time, but if you do want to shoot, she's giving you a perfect shot". "I know, I'll try again"

The deer takes a couple steps and begins to enter the brush. I whistle and froze her in her tracks. "OK Lara, there's your shot". "I know, my finger still won't move". "That's OK, you want to just watch this time?". NO! (whispered NO) I can do it".

The doe begins to move again. I whistled again. The doe froze reluctantly. "OK Lara, if you want this doe, it's time to do it...I'm OK either way, you choose"


She whacked the ol' doe at 35 steps with my son's Savage Model 110. A .243 caliber rifle with a Simmon's scope. A $350 Wal-mart special gun that must be the best "value" hunting package out there!

After the shot, the ol' doe ran into the woods about 50 yards and fell over "graveyard dead".

She drove the bullet through the heart and one of the lungs. It was dead before it ever bolted.

Lara was terrific when cleaning the doe too! I can honestly say she was the best help I've ever had during field dressing. She anticipated my needs and worked the deer into position each step of the process. After the deer was gut'd, she took time to inspect each organ and took delight in the huge wholes in the heart and lung. Lara's interest in medicine was obvious.

The second doe went down at about 5pm from 75 yards. She dropped it in it's tracks.

She'd never shot or touched a gun until I started dating her mom 2.5 years ago. It's wonderful to see young people find hunting. Lara also LOVES to heat up the barrel on my AR-15...and she does quite well with it too!

That gun has been used on so many deer, I've lost count. What a great "new shooter's" gun. I may buy her one next Christmas.


11-26-2004, 10:34
congrats! the ear to ear smiles say it all

11-28-2004, 01:32
It's not often you see young women getting into the sport. I too am delighted when young people get involved with outdoor sports (or anything really) with their parents.

Sounds like she doesn't have a problem hitting a mark. Probably from time spent with the AR. ;f

Congrats on the deer hunt. Both of you have done well!

12-01-2004, 09:41
Yep, it's real fun seeing the new shooters get excited like we did years ago! I am expecting Lara to stay with it...if she does, next Christmas I'll get her a new Savage .243 with that NICE Accu-Trigger....boy, does that trigger impress me!!

I'm off to the woods this afternoon to see if I can't whack another doe...we have a bit of snow and the weather just turned nice's time to be in the woods!!


12-06-2004, 06:17


12-06-2004, 07:54
I'm also one who enjoys seeing someone take the time to introduce a young person, particularly a female, to the sport of hunting and shooting in general. I worry sometimes that we are losing ground to video games and MTV. With all the things your step-daughter could have been doing that day it's nice to see she chose to spend it with you in the woods!

12-06-2004, 08:18
243 are great calibers for kids and womans for taking deer. My very first deer was with the same caliber. In my part of the woods, it's called a "deer hunter's starter caliber".

Vonfatman, Great jobs and let's hope she continues to send more deer to the graveyard.

RJ Schuknecht
12-06-2004, 17:46
Congratulations to you step-daughter on the does. That is fantastic.

We only have one doe so far this year on my property. But I hope to remedy the situation when the muzzleloader season starts on Friday.