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11-26-2004, 17:21

Does anybody know how to keep from getting lower back pain after doing bent-over barbell rows (for upper back and lats)?

Any info would be much appreciated,


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California Jack
11-26-2004, 21:04
Well, I must know how, because I do them regularily and never suffered any lower back discomfort. What is your technique like and do you keep a neutral spine position?

11-27-2004, 07:47
I try to keep an arch in my lower back and I bring the bar up to my waist. I inhale as I bring the bar up and exhale as I lower it.


California Jack
11-27-2004, 11:28
Sounds like the only difference between your technique and mine are is that I start with a belly full of air. Try that instead of inhaling on the concentric.

11-27-2004, 17:11
I'm not sure how heavy you are lifting, but you may want to drop a little weight.

I dropped a little weight on my bent over rows and my back feels a little better. I'm still working hard, but have a little better form and just do a couple more reps.

I actually feel it more in my lats too. If I go too heavy my form and range of motion gets squirrely and I have to concentrate too much on just holding onto the bar.

I've found that dropping a tiny bit of weight on all my back exercises made a positive difference.

California Jack
11-27-2004, 20:10
BCR mad me think of a few things. The first is contrary to what he suggested. I am NOT in any way devaluing his suggestion. It's just that in the strength game there is more than one was to skin a cat. I have found that on some exercises it is better to increase the weight and do fewer reps. The reason is that in some exercises, the stabilizers give out before the prime movers when trying to crank out reps. This may be what is happning to you. I have always done bent rows in sets no greater than 5 reps for this reason. Try BCR's suggestion, if it doesn't work for you try just the opposite.

Second, when in your workout are you doing bent rows? Is it after you do some other exercise that taxes the lower back like deadlifts, cleans, stiff legged deads, squats or for some even standing presses?

Good luck,

11-27-2004, 23:40
I'd have to agree with what everyone said. I find my most effective sets on bent over rows are my first and last ones (my lightest and heaviest sets). Also, maybe try the Smith machine if you are not using this right now. For me, this helps me keep my form.

11-28-2004, 10:43
California Jack,

I usually perform the bent-over rows soon after I have done bench presses, crunches, and military presses. In the bent-over row I use a 30lb barbell for all three of my sets except for my warm up set, where I use a 20lb barbell.

Thanks for your replies,


California Jack
11-28-2004, 15:12
Do you do any lower back work? Could it be that your lower back is relatively weak? Do you do any deadlifts, stifflegged deadlifts, hyperextensions,etc for your lower back?

It may be helpful to do your bent rows prior to military press.

Good luck,

11-29-2004, 21:34
I used to do prone hyper extensions, but I currently do no lower back exercises. Maybe I'll get started on some lower back work this week at the gym, because I would really like to be able to do bent-over rows on a regular basis.




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11-30-2004, 19:33
My paranoia about back injuries kept me from doing those for a long time, but when I finally decided to work on my back muscles, I decided to use the inclined bench to support the spine -- the top of the bench comes up to center mass so it doesn't restrict movement, but from center mass down I'm lying on the bench. I think I also leave one foot on the ground for balance.

If it helps.