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Clyde in CO
11-27-2004, 16:05
well, my dell is turning six this december.... I am finally getting a new one. (computer, not dell... I'm building)

I have $1000 to spend, I have monitor, mouse and keyboard.

So, I need suggestions on parts... specifically motherboard, RAM and video card.

I'm not an uber gamer, but I'd like to go as high end as I can

and I know this thread has been done, I searched thru them..... but hey, this is a special event for me, as I'll have this next one for another six years.

so, lemmmie havit!

end of line

11-27-2004, 18:24
I have been buying the XPC small format PC's lately. They take up little room and everything but the drives is on board. I have 3 of them now. Got them all from

One is dedicated to Video editing with a 3.2 Pentium and 200gig drive.

One runs my weather station and stores my MP3's.

The other is the one I am using for day to day mail, MSOffice and surfing and managing my Linux servers.

I have a Shuttle, MSI and an eCube brand.

11-27-2004, 20:25
i buy all of my computer parts from newegg. i only built one computer so far, and all of the parts came from newegg. even if you buy from somewhere else, at least check out their prices/products (and product reviews).

11-27-2004, 21:33
You could get a rockin' SKT 478 Pentium 4 system for around $1000.

Especially if you scavenge the optical and hard drives from the old PC, as most folks do.

Socket 478 CPU's are at their all-time cheapest now, and are a proven technology unlike the LGA775 boards, chipsets and procs.

Try this:

Asus P4C800-E Deluxe motherboard $175
3.0C P4 CPU $200
1024MB (2x512MB) PC3200 Corsair RAM $300
120GB Maxtor HDD w/8MB cache 7200RPM $100
GeForce FX5900 or ATI 9800 Pro Video $200
Antec Case w/400w (minimum) PSU $70
XP Home $75 if purchased w/parts

Roughly $1200 for a better system than mine, CPU-wise!!

With your old CD drive and floppy, this will make a really good PC guaranteed to take you through the next few years in style.

To really future-proof your new rig, though, you'll want to spend more on the MOBO & CPU because all roadmaps are pointing to 64-bit computing in the not-too-distant future...I did not point that out in my list above b/c that would be more like $1500.

You could get a very good Athlon 64 FX-53 proc and MOBO for around $600 for the pair, maybe a little more or less depending on how fast you'd want it to go. Just make sure it isn't in a Socket 940 server board, as RAM for that needs to be registered and is far more expensive. Go socket 939 and you can use the PC3200 shown above in it!

This should give you an idea of what to look for...

11-27-2004, 23:51
Originally posted by fastvfr
120GB Maxtor HDD w/8MB cache 7200RPM $100

My box has a pair of those. Great drives, and very very quiet.

11-28-2004, 00:09
Originally posted by fastvfr
120GB Maxtor HDD w/8MB cache 7200RPM $100
I know Best Buy is not very popular on this board, but I got a 120GB WD from them for about $25.00 after rebates.

11-28-2004, 11:55
I got mine on seperate occasions. One was purchased last year on the black friday sale from Best Buy for $49.99 after rebates, the other at Office Depot for $60 after rebates. This was back when they were selling for well over double that :)

Clyde in CO
11-28-2004, 21:22
here's what I've come up with at newegg:

ASUS "P4P800-E Deluxe" i865PE Chipset Motherboard for Intel Socket 478 CPU

RAIDMAX Silver Case 10-bay Case without Power Supply, Model "ATX-268WSP"

ATI AIW RADEON 9800PRO Video Card, 128MB DDR, 256-bit, DVI/CATV/VIVO, 8X AGP, Model "ALL-IN-WONDER 9800 PRO"

Antec P4 ATX12V 400 Watt Power Supply With 2 Fans, Model "SL400"

Intel Pentium 4/ 3.0E GHz 800MHz FSB, 1MB L2 Cache, Hyper Threading Technology

Corsair Value Select Dual Kits 184 Pin 512MB(256MBx2) DDR PC-3200

SONY Beige 1.44MB 3.5Inch Floppy Disk Drive, Model MPF920, OEM

Maxtor Ultra Series Kit 120GB 7200RPM IDE Hard Drive, Model L01P120

Samsung Beige 52X32X52X16 DVD/CD-RW Combo Drive, Model TS-H492A/WBEH

Creative Labs Sound Blaster Audigy ES PCI Sound Card, Model "SB0162"

Creative SBS560 5.1 Speakers

total $940.75

anything I'm missing?

11-28-2004, 22:06
I'd go with a gig of RAM.

I've also heard that mobos with the 875 chipset have some good improvements over the 865. You may want to research that.

Would the onboard sound be adequate for your uses? I have an ASUS board and the sound is good enough for me.

Do you require the AIW on the video card? May be able to save some money there.

Maybe a SATA HD in lieu of the IDE? Or two SATA's in a RAID array if you want to really spice it up. :)

I didn't see the OS in there, hopefully you have some budget for that or another source.

Just my input and I'm no expert.


Clyde in CO
11-29-2004, 02:26
ah, yes... I didn't grab an OS.. that will be XP pro.

what's the difference between an AIW video card and a regular one?

I was also thinking about skipping the 120 gig HD and going with two 80s, cost a bit more, but I can RAID them.

btw... what the heck is RAID? I mean, I know what it is sorta, but how do you set it up? in the BIOS?

also what's the diff between 875 and 865 chipsets?

thanks for the imput, I'm not a novice but this is my first go at building one myself, so there's a lot I don't know.

11-29-2004, 08:57
The AIW cards offer video in/video out capabilities and some additional outputs such as coaxial. Take a look at the features and see if you'll use the additional ones that the AIW cards have.

RAID stands for Redundant Array of Independent Disks. There are several different types of raid that are denoted with numbers such as 0 or 1. I built my first system last year and used two 80gig SATA drives in a RAID 0 array. This makes the two disks act as one large disk. There is a speed improvement because you have essentially double the bandwidth. However, if one disk fails, you lose everything. A RAID 0 array cuts your MTBF down because of this. There are some additional steps when you build the system to get the raid going, but with a modest amount of research on the net, I got it working on the first try. The ASUS boards you're looking at have this capability on-board.

This review shows the difference between the 865 and 875 chipsets.

Link (

Honestly, I don't know if it's worth the additional cash for the performance bump. You'll have to make that decision.

Keep asking questions and doing google searches. There's more information here and on the internet than you'll ever need on this stuff. I'm happy to help when I can.


11-29-2004, 12:19
AIW cards have composite and s-video input, as well as a TV tuner, and composite and s-video outputs. Unless you absolutely need a TV tuner, just go for a VIVO setup (just has the composite and s-video inputs and composite and s-video outputs)

I use the VIVO function on my Ti4200 ALL the time to watch movies on my TV. Computers output a progressive signal that kicks the crap out of just about any DVD player.

11-29-2004, 16:59
One more suggestion, Clyde...

Get yourself two 512MB DDR modules, rather than 4 x 256MB. Only half the opportunities for bad RAM sticks that way, you see.

There is every possibility that you will fall in love with that Radeon AIW card.

That Asus is a great board, also. My SO will be running one here shortly...just waiting on NewEgg and FedEx!!

Good luck, and have fun!!

Clyde in CO
12-01-2004, 02:44
ok, I can't let this die....

this is my first build and the closer I get to orderign the parts the more nervous I am.

I did some finagleing...

switched to RAIDMAX 10-Bay ATX Mid-Tower Case, a gig of ram, and a lower end soundcard.

Now I have two questions....

first off I'm concerned about heat. I've got pretty high performance stuff that I don't want frying itself, so I was looking an aftermarket heatsink for the CPU, round cables and maybe extra fans. What round cables do I need?

second question, if I plan on plugging my pc into a router and linking it to my old one, do I need to get xp pro, or will home handle that?

I promise I won't not badger with more questions again~

12-01-2004, 03:24
newegg is the ****.

You can drop some cash quick on a computer.

I think the new 64 bits are worth every penny. I am looking at the 4000+ but that would almost max your budjet. I think a 3000+ would be a great CPU for you. I have heard of them being overclocked to 2.6 and they come at a 1.8 if i remmember corect.

Do you want a lot of storage or a fast ass hard drive. The bigger the drive the more money also the more RPMS aka seek time the faster the drive. Just a though you can drop 700 for a high cap high speed drive.

Ram i sugjest corsair pc3200 low ladance 2-2-2-5. Some of the fastest ram on the market and it is only $123 a stick 512mb

I like the nvidea and others like the ATI. I have a 6800GT chip set on my video card. It is a $400 card right now.

Dont for get the case. 55-200 can be spent there also.

12-01-2004, 09:06
I added an aftermarket heatsink. It was a Thermalright which I coupled with a 92 mm Papst fan. My main reason for doing this was because I wanted a nearly silent system. The last one I had sounded like a jet engine when it turned on.

I also used rounded cables from a place other than newegg. I'll see if I can find the place for you. There are 3 total in my case: two for the CD/DVD drives which are on different channels and one for the floppy. I used SATA hard disks which don't use the fat cables so rounded ones were unnecessary.

XP Home should be able to do everything you need. The one drawback I'm aware of with Home is that you can't join a domain. But you won't be doing that at home anyway. Some of the more Windows savvy people can tell you more of the differences.