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Rollo Tamasey
11-28-2004, 18:16
My digital camera does not mention this in the manual. At the store they think it won't hurt the camera but could erase memory card. I was not planing on checking lugage to save time. Also they may now x ray checked bags in Orlando?

Should I take memory cards out and put them in the little tray you put your keys in when you walk through detector? Or should I hand them camera and ask them not to x ray it?

Have any of you put your digital through x-ray at airport?

;a ;a

11-28-2004, 22:04
I don't have a scientific reply for you, but I have passed my camera with the card inside many times through the airport machines, never any problem. Take it for what it is, an anecdotal evidence.

11-29-2004, 15:01
My digital camera, and card, has been passed through airport machines numerous times with no problems. You should be fine.


Nicky D
11-29-2004, 15:05
We just came back from vacation last week. I bought a backpack that held my new digital camera. my old digital camera and video camera plus all of my memory cards. There was no harm or ill effects on any of the equipment. So basically don't sweat it. Now I would not recommend putting your stuff in your checked luggage. I read that the xray used there is much stronger. But I am sure you would not put your good stuff in checked luggage!

11-29-2004, 15:22
I'm in agreement with everyone here. My digital cameras always go through the x-ray machines with my carry-ons and never a problem. Most airlines suggest not putting cameras in checked baggage as the x-ray machines there are more apt to affect them. I think they have, in my best Tim the Tool Man Taylor voice... "more power"!

Captain Caveman
11-29-2004, 15:22
I run an x-ray machine everyday. It will not damage your camera, card or anything else. You can even run your lunch through it. The new ones are just as safe as sitting in front of your computer for 8hrs.

11-29-2004, 15:49
Originally posted by DaReaper
The new ones are just as safe as sitting in front of your computer for 8hrs. Are you sure that's safe? ;f

11-29-2004, 18:36
They are safe but they have put up notices lately that you shouldn't put film thru the xray and it can expose the film. As a digital camera does not have that issue at all there is no problem.:)

Rollo Tamasey
11-29-2004, 21:19
Glad to know the x -ray doesn't hurt digital. Guess I was being overly paranoid about it.