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11-29-2004, 14:55
I have been playing the guitar off and on for about 15-18 yrs now. And I still find myself struggling at times with songs that I know. And even worse learning new songs. How long did it take you guys and gals to play your instrument of choice "fluently"?

11-30-2004, 12:05
For me,it takes an hour of just rhythm stuff before the hands come alive for me and then it's scales.Unless you play every day for an hour or more,it can be tough hitting everything right cold.

biggerIS better
12-01-2004, 10:28
I agree, warm up is a big deal. If i havent done some scales or just plain ol strumming my chops suck! Also, you didnt say what kind of guitar you play but I can tell you that makes a huge difference as well. I play one of teh original Paul Reed Smiths with super slinky strings. I have tried every other kinda of guitar out there and none play as easy and as smooth as this one does...... at least for me.

12-02-2004, 12:46
I have an Ibanez Performance Series 105SNT acoustic guitar. Its just me. I'll admit that I havent been playing as often as I should. I made a promise to myself to practice atleast an hour a day evryday. Thats the only way to get good again.;)

Im thinking about a new guitar. So you like the PRS? What kind of setup do you have?

I thinking of a Semi hollow electric. Peavey, Ibanez both have a couple that Im interested in.

biggerIS better
12-03-2004, 14:26
I run the PRS through a 2120 rack effect and into a Marshall half stack. I have been thinking about a semi-hollow body myself, but then decided to put the money into guns. The PRS does everything very well. Dont know about the newer ones( I have heard they have gone more mass produced)I bought mine in the mid 80's it was over 5k back then. Ocean blue is the color. With the 5 position switch you can make it sound like any guitar out there.I do have an Ovation Balladeer (acoustic/electric)I have been happy with it when amplified but its not much unamplified. May end up getting a nice Guild or something havent decided if im going 6 or 12 string.