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11-29-2004, 17:48
Hi all,

I am considering upgrading my GE Force 64MB video card to a newer 128 or 256 card and am looking for a decent card for a decent price.

My machine is a Dell Dimension 8200 P4 2Ghz with 512 RAM

I am looking at the Radeon 9800 series for starts. I'm not sure about the differences between the SE, XT and PRO models.

I do play games now and then (HL2, R6, etc.), some photo editing and run AutoCAD 2002 (if any of that makes a difference).

Any recommendations, advice or other cards to consider?

Links to good buys?


11-29-2004, 18:24
ATI 9800 Pro
(256 bit memory interface, not the 128 bit memory interface version)

NVidia6600 GT

Both are great cards for about $200.

11-29-2004, 19:07
Thanks for the reply. What is the 'Atlantis' card?

Who has the best prices on cards?

11-29-2004, 22:37 has good prices & service

You might check to see if your MB's AGP supports a 8X card. I don't know how much a bottle-neck it is to run a 8X card in a 4X port.

I'm thinking of getting this card in the near-future.

11-30-2004, 11:50
Might be a little more than you wanna spend, but the X-800 Pro I got is very sweet. I am running P4 2.4 oc'd to 2.7 with a gig 0f PC2100 ram, and it has really shook it up! I know it's a bit more, but the 800 nearly doubles the 9800 performance so it will buy you some more time ;)

11-30-2004, 13:26
So you know--

1. 9800SE=WORST. Poor performer; a 9600XT does better.

2. 9800Pro=Midrange card, as long as it has a 256-bit memory interface. Will play most games well, but if it is a 128-bit (DO NOT confuse that with a 128MB card!!), see 1.

3. 9800XT=Sweet, great performance with most of the games currently out. NO GUARANTEES about future titles, however.

4. X800=Hot; Awesome performer with all current games and most games in post-production. Has extra rendering pipes and shaders (think channels or buses) over the 9800 series.

5. X800XT Platinum Edition=This is the king; the Ne Plus Ultra of video cards. Nothing else can beat this one. Costs around $600, but it is the all-time best 3D card and will seriously future-proof you for all games released in the forseeable future.

When you consider that #5 costs only twice as much as #3 does, it makes sense to go for the X800XTPE, since you will wind up buying the X800XTPE eventually anyway to play Doom V or HL4, and then you'll spend $500 for the X800XTPE AND you'll have a $300 9800XT paperweight!

Might as well invest now, since with their incredible power the price on the top cards is NOT going to drop much at all for at least a year, maybe more.

But if you are strapped for cash, any of the cards I listed will handily beat that 64MB card you run now; just know that anything SE sucks badly compared to cards costing $50 more.

To properly rate video cards, first read their performance reviews, then go to the maker's site and look for the card's rated card (5900U) has around 24GB/s of throughput, and that is twice what the same graphics processor witn a 128-bit memory interface is capable of. So you want to buy based on throughput first, price second, and future usage potential third.

Best regards,


11-30-2004, 17:27
For great video card reviews go here:

Anandtech also has other computer hardware reviews also.

Go to the "video" section for the vidcard reviews.

11-30-2004, 17:35
Originally posted by RBR has good prices & service

You might check to see if your MB's AGP supports a 8X card. I don't know how much a bottle-neck it is to run a 8X card in a 4X port.

I'm thinking of getting this card in the near-future.

ooo sorry I didn't read all this post before my other one (brain fart) but I was also worried about this when I bought my X-800 Pro to use with my 4xAGP board. I did some intensive research on the net and found some pretty suprising results (and 1 was with a system almost identical to mine). When equal systems were tested with 8x vs 4x on higher end graphics cards, there was virtually NO improvement for the 8x. When I say virtually none, 3dmark scores might have been 14,500 as compared to 14,350 with 4x ;) Kinda makes you wonder how long it will be before we see the capability of PCI Express huh ;g

11-30-2004, 23:15
Thank you all for your thoughtful replies... there's a bit of data to mull over.

What are your thoughts and opinions on the GeForce 6600GT card? I saw some data that showed that this card kicked the 9800 series handily.

Thank you again for all of the information so far.

12-01-2004, 14:50
6600GT is a great card. Very much in demand because it's such a good deal. It would serve you nicely.

12-01-2004, 17:05
I have an x800xt pcie that is awsome, but if I had the choice now I would go with the dual geforce 6800 ultras!

12-01-2004, 23:02
Thank you again for all of your replies. The more I look it seems that the better value may be in the 6600GT card. I think that will get the nod.

Thank you again guys!