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12-02-2004, 00:11
This has been one of the worse weekends in a long time; 5 fatalities between Friday PM and Tues PM, all under 30, youngest was 18.

Fri night, MVC, Possible DUI, would have walked away if he was wearing his belt, instead, it was a decapitation. The worse one Ive ran..Ever.

Mon night, 19yof flipped her car, was ok, but as she was crawling out, she was hit by another driver. Driver ran. Link (

Tues night, Triple Fatality, one of those honda buzz bombs going to fast on a wet curve. Slid across the median and struck a jeep.Link (!news)

I cant recall that its ever been busy like this but itstaking a toll on everyone..

12-02-2004, 23:30
You know...we've been sitting here complaining about how slow it's been at my station. We haven't had a call in three days and the weekend only saw 1 call each day. We average 2 per day.

A thread like this makes you realize how lucky we've really been.