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12-04-2004, 19:04
I have been looking into trying some of these in my 30.06 to give my Ballistic SilverTips a break.

Does anyone have any real woods insight on how they perform on deer or other game animals?


12-04-2004, 20:17
I've been looking for these in .270 WSM as a hog/bear round. From what I've read, they seem to be more oriented towards an animal with a thicker hide than a deer (elk, bear, boar). The newest iteration is supposed to correct any accuracy problems the earlier versions may have had.

12-04-2004, 22:15
I have been wondering about them also for my Encore .308. Might try some after Santa brings me my RCBS ;f

the major
12-04-2004, 22:57
I picked up a new Weatherby .257 a month before hunting season, and 5 boxes of 100 gr x bullets. I intended to use 'em on elk and deer. Unfortunately, the best group I could work up was 1.75", so I gave up for now and took my 30-06 hunting. IF it warms up past 0 around here, I'll do some more work and see if I can get some decent groups.

12-05-2004, 01:00
I've used X bullets off and on since they first came out.

They're tough, penetrate well, and have plenty of hunting accuracy. I quit using them in .270 caliber and up since there're cheaper slugs that kill as well for less money.

I still load them up for BG use in my .22/.243's. They turn the peewees into very effective deer and antelope slayers. For that purpose they have no peer.