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12-05-2004, 13:19
Well, here he is, not the biggest deer I've ever bagged, but he was a nice fat little muley, and has been very tasty so far too. After the winter we had last year, I guess we're lucky there's any deer left. We have a mix of muleys and whitetail up here, and the whitetails were thicker than flies on a cow pie prior to last year. You couldn't help but see whitetails, and I never worried about getting a whitetail buck, just waited until I got one I wanted. Last winter changed all that, the whitetails were simply decimated around here, winter started last year in the third week of Oct., and we had our last snowfall on May 11 of this year. Anyway, as a result of the die off, they had shortened our buck season from 5 weeks to 3, closing on 11/14. I usually don't get serious until about the middle of Nov., but had to fight the time clock this year. I was exactly 2 whitetail bucks in three weeks, and very few does and fawns. I didn't even try to fill my doe tag, I figured it was better to leave them out there making fawns then resting in my freezer.

Details, I'd been hunting hard on my days off, without sight of horn, we walked our tails off on the 12th, and saw one buck, and we lost him in a huge CRP field, and never had a shot. I got up the 13th going to check some coulees for mule deer I had been to the night before, and had seen some muley does and fawns. I get there on the morning of the 13th, and there's a little muley buck, but he got down into a coulee and took off before I could get a shot. I was figuring I was going to have to fill my A tag with a doe, and figured I might as well see if I can find a pheasant or two. I'm driving down a prairie trail, some hills on my left, and lo and behold here comes this guy running towards me. I screetch to a halt, grab the Ruger 7mm Mag, and put a 175 grain Core Lok through his boiler room at about 150 yards, and down he goes in this grassy field. I waited to make sure he didn't get up and walked out to get him and I can't find him after about 15 minutes of looking. I mean the grass is about 3-4 feet tall. I finally go back to the track, see if I can cut his trail, and head out. I can smell rutty buck, and knew I was getting close, and find blood, and there he is piled up. The fun part was getting him into the back of my 4X4 by myself. Ever notice how floppy and heavy they are when they're down? Anyway, a nice little 4X4, and a tasty addition to the freezer for sure. Take care,

12-05-2004, 13:28
NICE Muley


12-05-2004, 20:28
If your location is right, you guys did get it a little rough down there last winter. How are the deer down on the north side of Fort Peck? Or down on the CMR? I took my deer off the south side of the Missouri north of Winnet. There were not as many deer in there this year but there certainly was no shortage too. I saw, but never had a chance at a 6X6 Muley while bow hunting. He was definately worth shooting but not worth quitting elk hunting for.

Nice deer. Are ya gonna do anything with the horns?

12-06-2004, 15:48
I sawed the horns off and they're in my shop right now, I'll probably hang them on the wall out there. I've got some nicer racks I'm going to put in the house eventually. We had a guy here that went elk hunting down south of Malta, he didn't say much about the deer situation, but I did read in the Billings paper how alot of antelope crossed some of the narrower branches of Fort Peck and got trapped south of the water outside of their normal range, so I imagine the deer around Glasgow took a beating, they had a tough winter with record snowfall also. I got skunked antelope hunting west of Opheim, I only saw about 15 over two days, they took a hard hit last winter also. I'd love to see a 6X6 muley, I'm afraid I'd have pursued him, not many like him around. Saw the post of your muley, nice deer. I think the muleys are a little more adapted to this country and survive the winter better, and I think it's going to take years to rebuild the whitetail herd around here, man were they starved out!Did you get your elk? Take care,

12-06-2004, 19:09
I saw some beutiful elk down in the breaks this year. I will get one archery hunting next year. (Mark my words ;Q How many years have I been saying that? ) I did get an elk but it was up here around Bozeman and on opening weekend of rifle. I had a great year though. I will be down in your neck of the woods later this year or early next for some icefishing on Fort Peck.