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12-06-2004, 13:22
I needed some speakers to use for some public PowerPoint/multimedia presentations. I had been using some Altec Lansing speakers, but they were not nearly loud enough for a large room with 100 folks. I made due with those speakers earlier this year, but I knew I needed some new speakers for some upcoming presentations.

So this morning while picking up a new sound card for my boss's computer, I picked up some 180 watt Acoustic Authority speakers for myself. The damn subwoofer feels like it must weigh 30 pounds or more. I just tried them out - and startled my boss right out of his seat in the next office over. He claimed (factiously I am sure) that the pictures on the wall separating our offices were shaking. All I know is that subwoofer pushes some SERIOUS air. Incidentally my boss is pretty happy with his new sound card and my hand-me-down Altec Lansing speakers as well.

Whoohoo I will be cranking some music tomorrow morning! (I get in 2 hours before most of my colleagues)

12-06-2004, 13:54