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12-07-2004, 13:05
Good Day,
Please help me stop banging my head against the wall. Sister-in-law had a printer that she was having problems with, so I got to play with it. It's an HP DeskJet 712c.

When the printer is powered on, the ink cradle continually goes back and forth. Even opening the printer cover does not stop the cradle in the middle of the printer, as it should.

Have powered it on and off, both connected to the computer, and as a standalone. Have checked the HP website, and another computer forum, but have been unable to find an answer.

All right, who's got the answer? Or does it become range fodder? ;P ;f


12-07-2004, 14:44
With no power, remove ink carts. Center carrige and clean the ink drip basin (on right side) and both left and right stops. Do not use brake cleaner, it eats plastic. Try an old toothbrush and boiling water. Air dry. Now jamb head over to right side until hits the hard stop.

Apply power with no ink carts and closed lid, it should cycle once or twice, then blink out of ink. If yes, open lid, install ink, and try it. If its not stopping, its not worth playing with anymore.

Its an obsolete model, and new 3740's (1200x1200dpi) are $39...

12-07-2004, 14:53
712c's are nice printers. I had an HP deskjet do that to me.
I took it and slammed it on the floor after 4 hours unsucessfully trying to stop the cariage of death noise.

It's time for another HP.

12-07-2004, 16:14
Sounds like the firmware is Who-hashed.

HP can probably fix it if it is under warranty though it might cost her more for shipping it back to them than it would cost to just buy a new printer.

Especially with the way their prices are these days, when you figure in all the sales, rebates and all.

12-07-2004, 16:19
Thanks for the info. After I posted, I did manage to get it to stop doing it. A little deconstruction and reassembly. And yeah, the ink drip basin is in need of a serious cleaning.

With what little ink that wasn't dry in the cartridges, I did manage to print a quasi test page. I think with a little cleaning, and some new cartridges, it would be all set.

I have a gentleman in town who rebuilds computers for senior citizens who can't afford computers. I'm just looking to get it to work, so that a senior citizen can have a printer to use on occasion, or the gentleman can use it while teaching in his computer skills class.

Thanks again.