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12-08-2004, 12:37
OK, I have access to hunt on 110 acres that belongs to a friend. He has also allowed a cattleman to graze this land for a fee. So there are about 50 head on the land. This piece of land has good timber and is PACKED w/ deer. My friend was intersted in putting in a food plot. I told him that I would help him with that project for him allowing me to hunt (I tried to pay him and he wouldn't take it).

The question is, can you successfully place a food plot on land that has grazing cattle? My thought was to place a perimeter fence with 2 strands of barbed wire, hoping to keep the cattle out but let the deer in. Is this a good idea? I don't know if the cows will just trample the fence to get to the forage, or if the fence will deter the deer.

Any suggestions greatly appreciated!!!!


12-08-2004, 13:44
The best advice I can give you is place the food plot right next to the wooded area you have. That way the deer will be more likely to come out as well b/c they won't have to venture far out from the woods.

If the cattle have a nice food source they won't go through the fence to get to your food plot and we've actually had deer and cattle feeding together within the same food source before.

Hope that helps!!

12-08-2004, 17:26
You could plant an apple orchard, the trees will be safe from cattle and it will draw in deer come fall season.

12-08-2004, 21:20
Sixgun, thanks, I hadn't thought of apples. There are a few oak trees on this land, but a butt-load of pecans (deer don't eat pecans, do they?). How mature does the tree have to be to produce fruit? I may stick 10 or 15 saplings out there along with a plot of Biologic or something.


12-09-2004, 12:15
i put in food plots for people..

cattle and deer dont plot well..

the cattle end up with 90% of the feed and the plot is pretty useless for nutrition. which is our goal.


what i would do is buy some barbed wire..and some T posts..and a driver. small plots work best for deer..specifically long and narrow.

plots 4 deer work best along wood lines running N and S.

you can fence off several in a couple of days..depending on what equipment you have to till or disc.

i use a combination of things..a tiller, ATV cultivator and a tractor depending on what i have to do.

the fence doesnt have to be great..just a couple of strands..i have done this many times..and as long as the fence is tight..everything will be fine..

you can..manipulate..deer to a certain the shape of the plot and making a V in your strands of fencing..

we do this for bow hunters...alot.

email me..if you need ideas..

i would rather have 5-6 strategically places long and narrow plots..than 1 big one any day.


look into persimmon saplings..

deer beat the hell out of each other over a ripe one..and they fruit out at a young age..

these are deer killing death traps.

12-09-2004, 21:02
I "am not" discounting anything "muddydog has told you," (especially since he is a fellow Okie) :)

But... We have seen as many as upwards of 190 + deer at one time on winter wheat field, about 40 acres in size, bordered by woods. Also, on our same ranch in NW Okla. is good for alfalfa, milo, and wheat.

If you can run the cattle in the pasture they are in now, and simply plow up a patch of ground on the other side of the woods, and (depending), upon your soil conditions where you live, plant winter wheat, or oats, milo, alfalfa.... whatever is best for the soil type and rain fall etc.. "as was mentioned..." just get a pickup load of steel fence post, a post driver, some muscle, and go around it with a 3 strand fence... that is plenty enough.

"This is not complicated...." Just "simply" plant what is best for you there.. and fence it off, and let it grow.. "The deer will come!"

As for apples.. well that is great, but you might want to hunt before they have time to grow ,and mature, and produce fruit... besides, i don't want all those trees in my way, if i don't have to. :)

On our ranch down here in W. "Texas...", just last night, my brother and i decided to plant the "back pasture," to winter wheat or a 'clover blend, hybird'.... this pasture is about 20 acres, and bordered all around with cactus and mesquite, and very deep canyons with high walls, and flat top rims.

The deer 'cross it' now, (the pasture), to go to and from cover, but with the planting, (as per above), and a deer stand at each end of the pasture,..... well, you get the idea!

"Don't make this hard my friend." If you guys have a little patch of ground, and decide to plant it, use what will grow well and do well, in your area. Fence it off with the steel posts, and 3 strands, and put up a couple of well placed blinds, (use your heads here)... and really that's about it!

Good farming, and hunting!


12-10-2004, 00:10
just like i tell people..

you grow it...deer will come..
it doesnt take get alot of deer into some plots.

some people want us to get fancy..with the plots..

other just want us to tear up the ground and toss out some seeds.

most of the time..we do have to becareful trying to maximize plot production from a minimal area and with some sort of overhead canopy.

i am a firm believer in fertilizing and liming..since some plants wont taste well until a decent PH can get established.

i plant these really nice plots for people..then on my own land in the mountains of SE OK..i only plant..5 or 1/2-1/3 acre plots of varying seeds..and trust me..we do nothing fancy on this land due to the extreme ruggedness..we have to contend with..all done with weed eaters, tillers and the ATV cultivator.

we use a number of types of seeds..we mix out own from the feed/seed store as well as buy commercial seeds like the whitetail institute and purina.

i will admit that some of the commerical stuff..can up quicker in some cases...but all in all..our own mixes did just as well.

winter mixes of WW/RYE GRAIN-not seed/FORAGE OATS with crimson and dutch clovers and some turnips were absolutely phenomenal this fall.I was 1 month behind schedule getting them in the ground due to the wet fall we had.

i have found the PURINA blends to be very cost effective and a great producer as well.

its not rocket science..just some sweat equity ..

one thing..

be sure to put a mineral lick in there..

the 30-06 lick by the whitetail institute is the best we have found..none of the others come close to the attraction and attention the 30-06 licks get.

12-10-2004, 09:26
Thanks alot you all. Great info! After bow season, we will begin to plan and get to work on the plots for next year!!! I can't wait.


12-10-2004, 11:05

(quote).."one sure to put a mineral lick in there..
the 30-06 lick by the whitetail institute is the best we have found..none of the others come close to the attraction and attention the 30-06 licks get.(end quote)..

Yep, i forgot to throw that in there last night in 'my post'... glad you remembered to share that with him...!

you are a long haul from our part of Okla. NW, almost inside the pandhandle itself, on the N.M. & Colo. border, and the 'other ranch' is here in far W. Tex. in canyon and cactus country. Here, (w. Tx.)
'in this particular meadow', we really do not have a lot of choices as to what we plant, because of the above mentioned situations,(in your post), 'concerning soil conditions, etc...' Plus, until this year, it's like "what is rain?" is that the wet stuff we heard about? ha.

So we are just going to stick with the all time easy winter wheat, and have no doubt they will dive bomb this meadow...

Your part of Okla. I am not real familiar with, but the soil there, i believe, is far richer than in the NW part of the state, and 'i know' it is, over this rocky desert dirt, here in "our part" of W. Tex.
Further west it is pretty good.

well... just threw that in there.

You boy's have a good one!


12-10-2004, 11:17
You will be able to gauge how much the plots are being grazed by placing tall wire cages in them to keep the deer away.

Deer eating pecans? My uncle would say deer will eat anything. They no doubt prefer persimmons.

While you're planting, why not fence some to keep the deer out so that other valuable wildlife like turkeys and quail will have a shot at something to eat? (Of course this will require nine-foot hogwire fences.)

Good luck.

12-10-2004, 12:23
the soil in eastern oK is not bad..crappy PH's but generally nothing that some liquid lime wont take care own mountain land runs a PH of 5.3 or so..but decent soil...and will extremely fertile rocks. i put my rocks up against anyones..LoL.

i did some plots over by stillwater a few years ago and that red stuff needed quite a bit of help.

i usually throw out 150-200lbs of 15-15-15 per acre, sometimes i up it it too 10-20-10.

if they want clover i wont add nitrogen.

when in doubt..WW/RYE....goes in the ground. It will grow in a later of dirt on a tractor engine housing. we started adding a forage oat this year..

the whitetail institute has their new EXTREME now that is supposed to be the best thing since buttered bread for extremely nasty soils and habitat. low rainfall...PH of 5.0 and your supposed to get a solid 4-5 years out of 1 planting.

canyon man..
if you'd like a sample..i might be able to get one shipped to you at a pretty good discount..

the cages are called exclusion cages..usually 4x4 or 3x3 in area so you can calculate the forage into tonnage or bushels of eaten material.

12-10-2004, 13:30
I think we will definitely put out persimmons as well as the plots. With regard to turkeys and such, there is a large blackberry patch in the open. Lots of turkey on the land. The deer do like the berries, but absolutely no cover. You could make an easy rifle shot, but I'm interested in the bowhunting aspect as well.


12-10-2004, 14:04
Turkeys will be attracted to a number of types of plants and to the bugs and grasshoppers that are attracted to the plot.

as far a cover can plant cover around the plot..and that will aid in the attraction.

shoo tme an email sometime and i can give you some look for.

if you've never had a plot in your've not seen what kind of deer you have..or can manipulate.

12-10-2004, 15:25

let us get through the holidays, and i may try a sample of that... i'll get with you 'as i can,' or 'if i need to' etc...

Thanks very much Okie.