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12-09-2004, 09:00
The message reads.

The action cannot be completed because the other program is busy. Choose "Switch To" to activate the busy program and correct the program.

Well when I click on the close button, nothing happens. When I hit Alt = F4 it still remains. When I hit Switch To it creates another SERVER BUSY box. I have 3 of the boxes as I type this.

Don't know if this is related but sometimes when I try to click on a link address it won't open it. I have to right click the mouse and hit the open.. Thanks for any help!

12-09-2004, 14:46
You don't give very many details like OS and what program is generating the error message but it is probably spyware that is trying to phone home but cannot make the connection.

You should probably restart in Safe Mode and try to clean stuff out with the anti-malware programs.

12-09-2004, 20:15
Thanks ANON. Its better now. I have the Windows XP and I think you were right about the Spyware. Thanks again.