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12-09-2004, 22:25
Its $72 to buy new cartridges at Best Buy for my Z715, and I'm a cheapass.

Anyone ahve experience with these refill kits that are supposed to be for specific models? Sounds to me like the colors would be identical yo OEM.

12-10-2004, 00:20
Lexmark recently lost a court case where they were trying to keep a company from making replacement ink cartridges for their printers.

12-10-2004, 02:29

A lot of those inks will interchance between printers. It isn't a matter of color but one of viscosity.

The print heads need a certain 'weight' of ink to atomize it properly without clogging or dripping. These inks here are about the same as the other inks you get in refill'll notice that those are brand-specific as well.

Some printers use more ink to do a certain job, and since their nozzles are larger they need thicker ink to keep them from dripping. The more economical printers have smaller nozzles and so work only with very runny inks.

It has been my experience when doing these refills that messing with the plug underneath the body of the cartridge, the ball bearing behind the print head, is tantamount to disaster.

I use a 1/16" drill and hole the carts on top. Then I fill them and use a small screw (ones from eyeglass repair kits or old sunglasses are tailor made for this) to cap them.

That way they cannot leak or dry out, and are easily refilled again and again.

Just don't let them dry out, b/c if that little sponge that is used for a filter gets crispy, that cartridge is shot.

Also know that the reason HPs, Lexmarks et al. cost so much to buy ink for is that the print head is actually part of the cartridge and not part of the printer, as is the case with Epson products.

So I refill mine 2-3 times and then splurge on new ones. That works out to replacing them about every three years, so I get my money's worth without having print problems.

Good luck,


12-10-2004, 08:25
I think this has more to do with clogging up than drying out but most ink jet type printers should be left plugged into an outlet with fulltime power.The power on the printer doesn't have to stay on but the power cord should always have power.This saves the cartridge/nozzle.

12-10-2004, 13:06
I have a Lexy X83 and have purchased the ink refills from Wally World for $10 bucks. I was leary at first, but they actually work well and last quite a while. I have my second "refill" in the original lexmark cartridge. The package says to only do 2 or 3. I will probably just keep going till it just really sucks!

12-10-2004, 21:37
Glad to know they arent total crap, as I ordered one yesterday.

fastvfr, thats a good idea with the screw, I had been thinking about trying that.

No way in hell I'm paying $72 for ink cartridges when the printer only costs $80!

12-11-2004, 21:05

I just got 11, that's right, eleven cartridges for my Cannon i550 for $33 to the door. This was a multi-color pack.

They work great and you can't really tell the difference from OEM. The best part -- all eleven were cheaper than one OEM cartridge. ;f

12-12-2004, 16:11
We used to use these at work for HP printers and all I can say is it depends on what you are printing. If our looking to do pics...forget it, the bleed much more than the factory replacements. If your just doing basic text printing yeah try them. I hate em myself.

12-31-2004, 04:41
The stuff arrived several weeks ago, and I filled the black cartridge, which worked great! The color cartridge on the other hand, must have been too dried out. I thought maybe if it sat a few days.... Still nothing.

Well a couple nights ago, for some odd reason, I had a dream that the printer was working right..... And it is! Its printing color now! It looks great! I have absolutely no complaints about the appearance of the printed pictures and stuff, they look fantastic.