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12-10-2004, 23:01
Ok everyone, it has been way too quiet in the Firefighter section in the last couple of days. Is there nothing going on in the world of Fire & EMS. OBXPRNSTAR, what happened with the investigation of the fire at TheeBadOnes house? Did the Deputy Chief ever find out about it.
Does anyone else attend the Fire Expo in Baltimore in July. If I can get OBX to attend this year, I will get him to host a GT party at Hooters. I'll buy the wings if he buys the beer.
Does anyone else's Fire Dept. have any totally ridiculous SOP's. We got issued one today that explains in great detail how to answer the phone. Looks like I have been doing it wrong all these years, I had been picking up the receiver thing and talking into those little holes at one end. God, I feel like such an idiot!

12-10-2004, 23:35
Doesn't look like there's much goin on here. I havent been in this forum before just found it. I'm not a firefighter YET. We just moved from TX and i was goin to join the volunteer department there. I thought I was never goin to be able to become a junior member but luck would have it I found that Calgary has Something like it. It's called the fire cadet academy. but since they are 100% percent paid you get to use the academy and are issued all the gear you need. I just hope I can make it in. I REALLY want to.^c

12-11-2004, 11:05
Ok, I'll sign on. ANY GT'r that shows up at Hooters in Baltimore AKA "Charm City" while DepChief and I are there for the Firehouse expo can drink beer on me. It will probabbly be a pitcher of bud or some other domestic, but it will be on ME. And all the wings you can eat will be on DepChief!

Unfortunatley we will not be able to carry, but we can all wear our glock Golf shirts and T-shirts.

12-11-2004, 18:08
Count me in, as long as the vollies pay for a hotel room for me! I would presume that this IS an "eventus sine Corsa", correct? That's from the Latin, meaning literally "event without jackass".

Dee! Wings! (inside joke)

12-11-2004, 21:07
Never been to a firefighter expo, anything good there?

12-11-2004, 21:16
Oh son, please, it's the mecca of the fire-EMS squirrel!

12-12-2004, 09:07
Oh yes - Firehouse Expo is a great show. I try to go every other year or so (not enough changes to be interesting from year to year for me) but this year I have enough of a shopping list to double back again (plus my g/f is from just outside B-more so she likes to go for the trip home).

Now before I get pounced on for knocking things, I will state for the record that I love the Expo., however I have heard that the FDIC show in Indy is a lot bigger (better ??)

I don't know from first hand as I've never been to the Indy show. Would like to but I don't think with everything else I have going on that I'll be able to burn the vacation time to take in both shows in the same year (AND do the VA EMS Symposium - got to do that this year).

If he have a GT get together at Hooterville in B-more this year - Lord willing I'll be there.

12-12-2004, 16:49
Originally posted by obxemt
Oh son, please, it's the mecca of the fire-EMS squirrel!

My understanding, as basic as that may be, of the Musilum religion is that if you are able to financially that you must travel to mecca as a pilgrimage.

This is the same thing if you are a FF. You must attend fire school, get drunk, and go to a "gentelmans" club.

You must also go to the Firehouse expo.

N2D, I'm orig From Annapolis so it will be like old home week for me too.

EDITED TO ADD: Come on all, jump on this GT bandwagon for free wings and beer!

12-12-2004, 23:00
Alright, I know there are more people out there reading this thread. How can you guys pass up on free beer and wings at Hooters! And if there is one thing that Hooters girls love more than their Camaros and their double-wides, it would be Firefighters and Paramedics. So, lets see some support for this function. Thursday, July 28, 2005, 6:00 PM, Hooters, 301 Light Street, Baltimore, MD. Pass it on to all your other GT pals and lets spread the good word.

12-12-2004, 23:33
Ladies and Gentelmen,
We now have a time and a place, so come foreward and stuff your face.
The beer is on me so let it flow, can't find me? Then look on da flow.
Come one come all a good time will be had, Ladies love firemen and the others will be mad.
In Charb city that is where we will be, please don't confuse it with DC.
Glock talk will show a leagion strong, and all the others will wonder where did they go wrong.
The obxprnstar invites you all, please don't go to the mall.

12-12-2004, 23:53
OBX, are you a professional poet or something? Wow, I am weak at the knees after reading that. Your employer must really appreciate all your talents and probably shows it by awarding you with constant raises and awards and promotions.

1st Annual GT Baltimoe Blowout!! July 28, 2005....Live the Dream!