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12-15-2004, 09:47
Still too quiet in here so we need more "stuff" to discuss. I figured we should do something important.

What is your favorite Fire / EMS related event, where is it held & when, and Why is it your favorite.

So far for me it's the Firehouse Expo in Baltimore MD (last weekend in July each year) because that's the only real show I've been to (besides state level events).

12-15-2004, 13:33
Firehouse Expo is also my favorite. They have so much to do there, its actually hard to fit it into 5 days. Plus, if you go, check out the FOOLS (fraternal order of leatherheads society) party the wednesday night of that week. They usually hold it at the Light Plant. And this year, dont miss the 1st Annual GT party at Hooters that thursady night. OBXPRNSTAR will be buying all the beer!

12-15-2004, 16:05
AND Deputy Chief 13 (DEPCHIEF) will buy buying "Deee Wings"

12-15-2004, 16:11
I've been to several State level Fire schools. Fayetville, Jacksonville, Wilmington, and Elizabeth City. Been to the ECU EMS seminar in Greenville NC, and had a freakin blast there. Went to CCEMT-P class in Augusta GA, and I drank.... ALOT. Switched to beer on my second week b/c mixed drinks and shooters were just costing me too much cash.

Firehouse will be my first "big" event.

Promise to be kind to me ;f

12-15-2004, 21:21
FDIC in Indy... Big & only 3 hours away


12-15-2004, 23:24
FDIC by far.