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Angel Of Death
12-17-2004, 04:11
Guys, I need a general consenus.

I have an Iomega 120gig usb2/firewire external HDD which right now is connected via firewire.

It works fine almost all of the time, except when I use the bundled Iomega-Backup software.

When backing up up large files, or even medium files the drive disapears for no reason. And sometimes disapears for no reason on it own.

I unintsalled the software and the drive comes back after a rebot and I have no problems when I use it minus the software.

It did this when I had it connected to my 1.8ghz laptop and my new 3.4 (overc'd to 3.9) desktop. It sucks becuase the software was sooo convienent when it worked.

Now I format the external HDD weekly and copy my entire "My Documents" folder (like 40 gigs plus, and growing each week with music and *.pdfs) back onto it.

Is there any chance this formating and rewriting of that much data can be bad for the drive?

I'm pretty good with computers and electronic (I'm a 2831 USMC) but am at a loss here.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks guys.

Semper Fi,


12-17-2004, 05:00
Sounds like you may be having a delayed write failure. Go here and scroll down to Nov. 29 2004.

Then back up at the beginning is a good description of what is really happening inside.

Angel Of Death
12-17-2004, 20:45
I wish I had read your post before I left for work becuase that entire page is pretty much dedicated to EXACTLY my problem and offered two great ideas for my specific problem (delayed write something)

Thanks a million! Erik

Angel Of Death
01-01-2005, 22:01
So I just unplugged my computer.... replaced the firewire cable from my ext hdd to my computer with a USB2.0 and no problems any more!

Stupid firewire!