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12-17-2004, 17:30
I have a friend who wants me to put together a system for him. Needless to say, he has crap for a PC now. Here's what I found

Two sticks of this RAM so at least he will have dual channel. The Mother board has a onboard ATI 9200 and soundcard. I'll mod out his current case. throw in a fan or two. I need to get a PSU and a DVD burner. He is not a gamer, how ever the baord can be upgraded at a later date for a good AGP card. Anythoughts? I figured I'd throw some OC on it as well. But probly not much as we will be using the stock cooler. I know my 2.4c MO ran cool. I'll see with this one. But everything so far shipped is ubder $450 . Can anyone think of a better setup cheaper? I also do realize this a micro board. At least thats the way I read it. I can make do and mod his case if I have to

12-17-2004, 23:58
I get, "We are very sorry, the page that you requested does not exist." from newegg...

I think that $450 is a decent price for a non-gaming PC, but why would you OC something that doesn't need it? You do realize that thermal stress will eventually kill off all of our PC's, and adding more heat just accelerates the process?

An onboard MOBO means that you are going to be using an 865G chipset, correct? They are cheap, but they are cheap...get my drift?

If this PC will EVER be used for ANY gaming beyond Duke Nukem I, then I strongly suggest using a $90 Asus P4P800SE board and an ATI 9200 card; the onboard sound should work okay, and this is the fastest 865PE chipset going, so you will not feel the need to OC it.

Get him a minimum of a 2.4C and two sticks of OCZ, Mushkin or Corsair PC3200 and he should be good to go.

If he wants to do gaming or video editing or anything intensive like that later on, consider a 3.0E Prescott in a P4P800-E Deluxe (SE = NO PRESCOTTS!) and get a 200GB HDD and a minimum 9600XT video card now.

If you go much cheaper, he will be upgrading the cheapness out of it before too long anyhow, so I always recommend quality over economy. You'll both be happier this way!

Good luck,


12-18-2004, 10:04
Not sure why it won't go threw. But here goes.
Detailed Specifications
Model GA-8TRS350MT
CPU Socket 478 for Intel Pentium4 processor with Hyper-Threading technology
Chipset ATi R9100 Pro IGP with Radeon 9200 graphics core + ATi SB300
Memory 4 x 184-pin DIMM support DDR 400/333/266 memory
Dual channel memory architecture
Max capacity: 4 GB
Expansion Slots 1 x AGP 8X/4X
3 x PCI
IDE 2 x ATA 100/66 IDE connector supporting up to 4IDE devices
Serial ATA 2 x Serial ATA connectors supporting 2 Serial ATA HDDs
Back Panel I/O Connectors 1 x PS/2 Mouse Port
1 x PS/2 Keyboard Port
1 x Parallel port
4 x USB 2.0/1.1 Ports
1 x RJ45 (LAN)
1 x VGA
1 x TV-Out
Audio Ports
Integrated Video Radeon 9200 graphics core
Integrated Audio Realtek ALC655 6-Channel Codec
Integrated LAN Realtek 8100C 10/100Mbps Fast Ethernet
Integrated 1394 N/A
System BIOS 2M bit flash ROM

Form Factor MicroATX
Dimensions 9.6" x 9.6"

Intel Pentium 4/ 2.4C GHz 800MHz FSB, 512K Cache, Hyper Threading Technology - Retail
Model: Intel Pentium 4 w/ Hyper Threading
Core: Northwood
Operating Frequency: 2.4GHz
FSB: 800MHz
Cache: L1/12K+8K; L2/512K
Voltage: 1.525V
Process: 0.13Micron
Socket: Socket 478
Multimedia Instruction: MMX, SSE, SSE2
Warranty: 3 years
Packaging: Retail (with Heatsink and Fan)

Mushkin Dual Pack 184-Pin 1GB(512MBx2) DDR PC-3200 - Retail
Manufacturer: Mushkin
Speed: DDR400(PC3200)
Type: 184-Pin DDR SDRAM
Error Checking: Non-ECC
Registered/Unbuffered: Unbuffered
Cas Latency: 2.5-3-3
Support Voltage: 2.5V-2.6V
Bandwidth: 3.2GB/s
Organization: two 64M x 64 -Bit
Warranty: Lifetime

The PC is not for gaimging right now for sure. He just wants to get on the internet. He also wanted to do it as cheaply as possible. Thats why I figured that this MOBO combo would work well for now. Plus be able to upgrade at a later date. It does have a AGP slot. Now when I said I would over clock it. Let me explain. This board allows for the FSB to be ajusted,but not the voltage. Which means I'll probly get just a slight bump a may be to 2.6 . If anyone knows of a board that will have onboard Vid card and sound,thats cheap to buy. I'd like to know. I know this mobo is not for a gamer,who every. Reading reviews, it will play Doom3 . FPS was running around 13. But atleast it plays. My friend can allways put in a better card later. If he ever chooses to start gaming. I mean, he is running a 400 MHZ now. This is a quantum leap for him.