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12-19-2004, 22:18
I am getting acquainted with my new iPAQ 5550 and am curious as to what are some of the 'must have' items?

Should I be looking at Compact Flash (CF) cards? Extended batteries? Other goodies?

Also - what are expansion packs?

12-20-2004, 13:31
If you want to play MP3s on it or have extra storage space for files, get some sort of memory card. Your iPAQ has a SD memory slot built-in. I believe you need an adaptor sleeve to use CF cards. The CF adaptor will add some bulk (about 1/4" more thickness) to your iPAQ. However, CF cards are generally cheaper than SD cards.

I have an older iPAQ (3835) and it runs roughly 10 hours on one battery charge. I have never had the need for an extended battery pack.

All I have for mine is a 256MB SD card, an aluminum hard case (made by RhinoSkin) and a pair of headphones, and it does everything I need it to do.

An expansion pack is a sleeve that replaces the included case for your iPAQ. Instead of a flat plastic back, you will then have a media slot (&/or extra battery) on the back of your iPAQ.

I have the CF expansion pack. Like I said before, it adds about 1/4" thickness to your iPAQ. With a CF expansion slot, you can use CF memory. I also have an 802.11b wireless CF card that I use on occasion, since my iPAQ doesn't have integrated wireless.

12-21-2004, 15:40
Just for the S&G of it :)
Link (http://www.wififofum.org/)

12-22-2004, 13:35
That looks cool! I'm going to check it out after the holidays.