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wade farley
12-21-2004, 12:43
:cool: I have the 454 casull Raging Bull by Taurus. I do have an Uncle Mikes Nylon Holster that works okay, but I would like to find a good Leather one for in the woods. I have checked with some of the Bigger companies and can't find someone who makes them. I have the 6&1/2 inch model. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. Have fun & stay safe!;f

12-21-2004, 21:04
Go to www.pistolpackaging.com. Look at the Bandito style. I use this for my .454 Raging Bull and it is the most comfortable holster I have found. I also got the shell holder for it. Great piece of equipment.

12-27-2004, 21:35
I use the Bianchi X2100 "Phantom" made for the 6" Model 29/629, I had to add another thumb snap on the retaining tab (very simple) it is a very comfortable shoulder holster of exceptional quality and the RB fits well.:)

wade farley
12-30-2004, 12:51
:cool: Thanks for the replies. I'm still looking. I really want a holster that I would wear on my strong side, on my belt. Thanks again for your help. Have fun & stay safe! ;f