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12-21-2004, 20:11
i have a Yaesu FT-8900R, which covers the 10,6,2, and 440 ham bands, as well as commercial bands (Rx) only on 900s, 800s, 700s, 500s, 400s, 300s, etc. My question is, for people who program in other stuff than just ham freqs, what kind of things do you scan in your area?

12-24-2004, 09:30
K thanks.... lol

12-24-2004, 11:06
Police in the area, both local and state. The 49mhz band is funny. It includes the old cordless phone band and baby monitors. Fire and EMS. Check out Grove Enterprises for scanner, equipment, and freqs (Monitoring Times).:cool:BTW How do you like your quad bander? have you ever used it for sats?

12-24-2004, 17:08
No, I sure haven't, I'm not real clear on how to operate satellites, could you tell me a little bit about what its like and how you use them? And yeah, I love my quad-bander, it is one really great little radio. The only thing I don't like about it is that if you don't have the programing software, it can be a real hassle to store things in it. Like when you first get it and want to store alot in it at one time. I have just recently ordered the software and haven't received it yet. I've had the radio since May.

12-24-2004, 17:55
I'm new to scanning also (little over a month).. been finding some useful stuff on they have a scanning forum

12-24-2004, 19:38
Im not new to scanning, dont even scan really, just like to see what all kind of stuff I can find every now and then, and was hoping someone would name something that i havent thought of

12-27-2004, 20:33
I scan the local police departments in the surrounding cities. It is legal (in the car) here if you have an amateur license. Everything here will eventually go to APCO 25 so I guess I will start haveing to carry the BC296 and the ht.

12-28-2004, 16:44
our whole county is on that system, only ones who dont use it all the time is the sheriffs office, and they swap to it when they get into something sticky