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12-23-2004, 10:58
Just FYI...
These folks ( the original source of these type magnets. They've made it a practice to take a percentage of their receipts and donate it to support orgs that, for instance, help facilitate comm and video linkups with families and their deployed Soldiers. They have been somewhat hurt of late because of "Made in China" (and other places) knockoffs (which I call ripoffs).

Before you buy that thing to stick on your car you might check to make sure it's the REAL thing, made right here.

12-23-2004, 13:08
Thanks, just added it to my favorites. I just spent hours finding a
US Flag that was made here, cost an extra 10 but I can't fly a made in china flag.;? ;?

12-23-2004, 15:03
HOOAH! That's the spirit! ^c
I saw that on CNN a couple days ago, they interviewed the guy who started the company and how the idea came about and thought it sucked that, because of knockoffs, he's actually got to lay people off this time of year (which he detests doing). Especially considering the way they try to give it back.

An American flag "Made in China" ;I

just my $.02 not adjusted for the flippin' Euro.

Central Texan
12-23-2004, 19:48
The ones they sell here on Ft Hood are made in America. I bought a few (per requests from folks at my mom's work) then saw them for cheeper at a surpluss store, but those were the chinese ones. I'd rather pay the extra $ and keep jobs here at home.
Thanks a lot for that link. I'm going to pass it along to some friends!