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12-25-2004, 07:50
Looking for a good 2m meter mobile for my truck, will be permanently mounted (not sure yet how).
Would like to get one that does not have a fan going on and off every time you key the mic and would like wx freqs in it as well.
Any ideas? thanks, 73s

12-25-2004, 12:55
I just got the icom ic-v8000

the fan does kick on and off, but I don't really notice it (that's a good feature IMHO)

5,10,25 and 75 watt ouyput, and front-firing speaker.

I love it

12-26-2004, 20:18
I got a Icom ic-2100h @ 3 weeks ago and love it. It is plenty loud mounted to the underside of my dash and doesn't have a fan in it. It has the 5, 10, or 50 watt settings for your needs and all the 2m freqs. It has way more features than I'll ever use, but they're there if I ever learn how. The only other radio I would suggest is the Icom ic-208, it is a dual band with a remote mounted face. You can mount the radio under the seat and the face on the dash for eady viewing. If you cant tell, I think Icom makes good radios, I know alot of people that have them.

82nd Airborne
12-26-2004, 23:37
+1 on the Ic-V8000!!

12-27-2004, 18:25
The KENWOOD TM-271A from AES @$165.00 is exactly what you are looking for. www.aesham.com

12-27-2004, 18:31

Zulu Alpha
12-29-2004, 17:49
+2 for the IC-V8000

and a vote for the Kenwood TM-D700A for APRS and dual band work (144/440mhz).

Yes the IC-V8000 has a fan but is hardly noticeable. Keeping your finals cool is always a good thing. The IC-V8000 has WX alert and another great feature is that it allows banks of 20 channels so you can do double duty as a scanner. If you are interested check out the reviews on http://www.eham.net/reviews/detail/2171 and join http://groups.yahoo.com/group/IC-V8000/ to get the latest scoop on the rig.

Good hunting and 73!

12-30-2004, 01:22
Well I decided on the Icom 2100H. Several reasons really, the price ($140.00), no fan, large heat sink, plenty of power. At such a low price I am going to buy another one for the house as well.
Anyone have any ideas what I can do on the installation of my truck to keep the noise down via getting any noise over the power cord etc. Concerned because I have a dodge cummins truck and was wondering if there is some kind of noise filter I can install? Thanks in advance.

Tom B
12-30-2004, 02:52
Run you fused power cord directly to you truck battery terminals.