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Angel Of Death
12-26-2004, 19:34
Both are very temping operating systems.....

Who has which and loves it?

Who's getting ready to buy one like me?

Who already has one and loves it?

Who already has one and hates it?

Any imput would be greatly appreciated!

Semper Fi,


Texas T
12-26-2004, 21:23
I started with a Handspring Visor Deluxe back in 1999 (palm os) and that took care of me until PalmOne (merger of palm and Handspring) released the Treo 600. It took several months for the T-Mobile version to be released and I've used it since about Feb-Mar of this year.

MP3 player
Video Camera
Internet access
Email access
Text messaging
Streaming audio
yada yada yada

The only reason I'd get rid of this is to get the new Treo 650 that was just released. :)

12-26-2004, 23:09
Well, I suppose I'm on the fence but will show which way I sway...

Started out in 1999 with a Palm IIIx - upgraded to a VIIx (back when they offered the on-line service). LOVED the Palm platform as it was (is?) very easy to use and rather bulletproof. The VIIx was my traveling companion up until those $%^&*@#% hijacked those planes on 09-11-01...

That said - just a week ago I migrated to a HP h5550 iPAQ. The iPAQ is not terribly user friendly off the bat but after a few days playing with stuff would not go back to Palm. The iPAQ OS is a little tempermental and there are a few weird things that go on within the OS (like hitting the X in the corner does NOT end the program ;5 ). Other things I love (like the integrated wireless, Bluetooth, room for mega expansion cards, etc.).

Palm may have this stuff to - I don't really know though... I've not kept up with the Palm technology so much lately.

IMHO either way you'll have a fine piece of equipment that you can customize and use for a good number of years.