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12-28-2004, 10:21
Massive buck dies; cause unknown
Goliath allegedly was stolen in 1999 and then returned
Associated Press

PITTSBURGH - A 7 1/2 -year-old monster buck named Goliath, allegedly stolen in 1999 and then returned to the ranch where he was raised, has died.

The massive deer died Dec. 6; tests will pinpoint the cause. Deer can live 10 to 15 years.

"It could have been due to a lot of the stress that he endured from being away from here," said Diane Miller, who raised the buck with her husband at their Wild Bunch Ranch, about 60 miles north of Pittsburgh. "It's just like losing a family member."

Goliath, believed to be the largest whitetail bred in captivity, vanished from the Millers' ranch in October 1999 when he was about 2, weighed 260 pounds and had 28 points, or antler tips.

In July 2003, members of the Pennsylvania Deer Farmers Association saw a deer they believed was Goliath on a deer farm about 50 miles from the Millers.

The deer had grown much larger and its rack had about twice the number of points.

The farm's owner, Jeffrey Spence, is awaiting trial on charges of theft and receiving stolen property.

DNA testing on the recovered buck matched a sample from Goliath before he disappeared, according to Ronald Elliott, the Millers' attorney.

Spence's attorney, Troy Harper, has said if the deer was Goliath, Spence acquired it "in the proper manner." Spence was trying to sell the buck for $150,000 at the time it was found. Some massive bucks have sold for more than $500,000.

Diane Miller said Goliath mated this fall, and she is hopeful that the does he was penned with will have his fawns in the spring.

12-30-2004, 19:48
Probably from lugging around that tree on his head ;g

12-31-2004, 16:08
Probably got an infection in that ear tag. That is just wrong. ;P

Captain Caveman
12-31-2004, 16:28
Thats a Boone & Crockett record if I've ever seen one.;P

12-31-2004, 16:39
Originally posted by DaReaper
Thats a Boone & Crockett record if I've ever seen one.;P

Unfortunately that deer would never make the record books because it was a farmed animal.

12-31-2004, 20:04
My brothers' camp (yes, deer hunting camp as well) is about seven miles from that farm in Jefferson County! There are a number of whitetail farms in that area also with some fairly nice bucks.

01-09-2005, 04:42
Originally posted by lomfs24
Probably got an infection in that ear tag. That is just wrong. ;P

you've gotta tag them on game farms in a lot of states

01-09-2005, 08:23
Originally posted by BrianDamage
you've gotta tag them on game farms in a lot of states

I know, but still doesn't make it right!

01-09-2005, 09:53
The deer farms located near my brother's camp raises deer to sell for the genetics primarily. None of them have hunting on the farms. It is far more profitable for them to raise the deer to sell as breeders.

01-13-2005, 00:57
I am probably wrong, but would somebody with Photoshop test that for color consistanty. The picture looks photoshopped to me.


01-13-2005, 10:51
This does not conclusively determine whether or not the photo is photoshoped but I wouldn't think that KATC channel 3 would use a photoshopped picture in their news story.

Why does everything that gets posted to this sight and others also immediately come under the scrutiny of someone who thinks it's photoshopped? If you like the picture look at it. If you don't like it, look at it for what it is. If you really want to know, do some research.

Also, if I was going to photoshop this deer, I would take that huge cow tag out of it's ear. That thing really bothers me if no one has noticed.