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12-28-2004, 19:43
I have been looking for a nice hunting rifle in 308. If anyone has any suggestions that would be great. Ive been looking mostly at savages because they are so cheap. 380.00 at wallyworld. Im trying to do this for around 500 dollars.

12-28-2004, 20:52
check out the howa 1500....its basically a weatherby vanguard.
great gun.

12-28-2004, 21:36
The Howa is nice, is their web page.

I got a new .308 in Sept and love it. Mine is a T/C Encore. A little more then the $380, mine was $500. Very versatile and mine is shooting 7/8" groups at 100 yards with Hornady factory ammo.

The Savage rifles are also nice for the price range. They have a new rifle coming out under the Stevens brand which is even cheaper but no accu-trigger. MSRP is $316.

12-28-2004, 22:13
the Tikka's.. T3.. I've read on here and have heard they are very nice.

Big B
12-29-2004, 15:48
I would do with a Savage, but I would make sure I got a model with the Accutrigger.

01-03-2005, 14:19
I have heard bad things about savage. You might want to do some research before buying one.

01-03-2005, 16:57
I have great experiences with the Savage. Winchester Black Shadow is also good for that price range.

01-04-2005, 11:16
I had a Savage 110 in 30-06 a few years ago and I couldn't shoot it very well and the finish on the bbl peeled off when it got wet. I sold it.

As for a 308 recommendation, I have a Browning a-bolt in 308 with the Boss muzzle break that will shoot dime size groups at 100 yds with almost no recoil. I think I paid about $588 new about three years ago. Its a great shooter, a gun any hunter would be happy to have.

01-04-2005, 11:26
Get a Tikka. For under $500, if you get anything else you're making a huge compromise in quality and accuracy. A T3 is guaranteed MOA out of the box, the fit and finish on these guns is very, very good, and they have the best trigger of any production rifle currently on the market. Look at the other guns first, then go buy a Tikka.

01-07-2005, 19:04
Originally posted by USPcompact
Get a Tikka. For under $500, if you get anything else you're making a huge compromise in quality and accuracy.

I think you can get a Remington M700 ADL for under $400 at Walmart. It will shoot at least as good as the Tikka and the quality will be just as good.

01-07-2005, 22:54
howa 1500 deal on a rifle there is...mine is a S&W 1500 thats 15 years old and still a shooting dream.

01-08-2005, 17:42
Originally posted by paynter2
I think you can get a Remington M700 ADL for under $400 at Walmart. It will shoot at least as good as the Tikka and the quality will be just as good.

I don't own a Tikka; do own and like Remmy 700's, but I don't believe a Remmy 700 ADL is of as high quality as a Tikka. Tikka comes with better trigger; free-floated barrel; Sako match barrel; detachable mag.

01-08-2005, 18:12
I bought a Remmy 700 ADL in 30-06 for $450, used. And I got a 3x9 Leupold with it. It had been bedded and floated and some trigger wok done.

It's an awesome rifle and I got it for under $500. Couldn't be happier.

Check on the Equipment Exchange on or any other site that has an EE. That is where I got mine.

01-09-2005, 12:42
first and then the Howa 1500. The Rem will shoot great and is more durable than a savage. I know some folks have had great luck with the savages, but I have seen too many with problems.You can't beat a Remington and .308 is a great cartridge.


01-09-2005, 18:39
Field and Stream named the best 50 HUNTING weapons ever made. Number one on the list was the pre '64 model 70. If you can't find a used one, which I would recommend trying to do, then you might look at either a newer Model 70, which F&S had good things to say about, or possibly the Remington Model 700, which was also high on their list. BTW, I have a pre '64 Model 70 30.06, probably the best shooting gun I have ever had the oppurtunity to shoot. A buddy has a newer Model 70 in 30.06. It's also a good shooting gun, but the quality isn't quite the same.


01-16-2005, 18:00
I was told that Tikka just issued a recall on some of their rifles because of a few receivers that exploded. If you have one of them, or are looking into one, you should find out what models were recalled.

"According to Beretta USA, there is a recall on certain Sako and Tikka rifles with stainless barrels that were manufactured around February 2004. It has to do with a particular batch of substandard stainless steel and could result in a massive failure. If you purchased a stainless rifle after Feb 2004, please contact the Sako / Tikka Recall Center immediately at 800-503-8869 with your rifle's serial number and they will tell you if your firearm is affected. "

The above notice was listed at

01-18-2005, 04:04
I did a lot of successful hunting with a cheapo crappy-trigger Savage 30-06 rifle. (well, some say with the appropriate optics even a slingshot will do the job;e )
3 years ago the best deal (at least in Europe) was a Tikka. Man, operating the bolt was pleasure, so smooth, I loved it, just like a Sako.
Nowadays,... I don't know.
With Beretta in control, I don't know.

I stick with my 308 Steyr Prohunter

01-18-2005, 12:13
Remington 700 ADL, 308. Great gun, great caliber. Just do a 'free float' job on the stock. You can do this yourself, and it doesn't take long at all, will truly improve your accuracy. You have had some great suggestions... It's choice time!


01-18-2005, 13:14
Lets Vote on it.

Either Savage

Or if you have another idea write it in. Hunting Rifle for under 500 dollars. Then 350 Dollars for Scope. Which should i choose?

01-18-2005, 13:49
For an under $500, new bolt gun I would go with Tikka, CZ, Savage, Remington, in that order. Savage and Remington are interchangable in their new model budget line guns in my opinion.

BTW: If you float the barrel you will also want to bed the action since that will be the only point of contact.

01-18-2005, 14:12
Look, I went through this exact same thing several months ago, and looked at all the names mentioned here - Tikka, Remington, CZ, Savage, Weatherby, Howa, Winchester, and on and on. By far, the Tikka T3 Stainless/Laminate that I found was far and away the best gun of the lot. The gun is simply perfect. The Sako manufactured barrel on the Tikka is the best barrel you'll find in your price range. The bolt operation is the smoothest of any off the shelf gun. The trigger is better than most rifles that sell for 3x the price. 1 MOA accuracy guarantee from the factory.

As for a scope, look at the 3-9x 40mm Zeiss Conquests. Excellent scope even at twice the price.

01-19-2005, 16:15
for gun go with an ADL in .06 or .308....for scope get a leupold and be happy forever....


01-21-2005, 13:37
I would get a Ruger M77 MarkII in a 7mm magnum which shoots nice and flat to 300+ yards. I bought it at Walmart for around the $450 range about two years ago. They have .308 also. The trigger is nothing like my Weatherby, but everything else about it is great. Add a Zeiss Conquest scope 4.5-14x44mm, and then head for the woods...

01-21-2005, 18:11
- never mind...

Pat S
01-25-2005, 22:04
I like American firearms and if I were going to buy one in the price range you specified I would go with this:

You should be able to get this rifle for around $450 if you shop around.

As for a scope I'd go with either of these:

1.5X6 Burris Signature series $339 ( a great scope)

VX-II Leupold 3X9 $299

Check out Bear Basin for these:

Pat S.

02-03-2005, 20:46
second the Ruger M77MKII, I had one and loved it, just went away from it when I moved from 06 to 375 ICL

02-11-2005, 09:35
There's nothing wrong with buying a good, used, rifle. I was just going through the most recent listing from a dealer in Texas. I've done business with him before and when he says something is 98% or 'excellent', it is. I will continue to do business with the guy and highly recommend him.

His current listing has a 700BDL in .243 'near mint', 98% blue, 99% wood, $350.

He also has (3) Leupold VARI-X-II 3-9, Duplex, Excellent, $175.

He has tons of Leupold rings and sells them for 10 pair/ $75. I'd bet he'd throw in a pair on the deal for free.

$350 + 175 = $525 and you have about as good a combination as you can possibly get for that kind of money.

I've almost talked myself into it... PM me if you want more info.