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01-02-2005, 19:24
Ok, I know absolutly nothing about satellite modes, I am interested in it, can anyone tell me the basics, how to operate, etc. thanks in advance

01-02-2005, 22:09
I don't operate on satellites now, but have worked the old Russian RS birds on
a 10/15 meter up/downlink. They are fun!

Here's a good place to start:

01-27-2005, 00:58
I don't know much about satellite, but I haved worked the International Space Station (ISS) with packet and used some APRS. The ISS is EASY! Someone gave me a TNC and an antenna and I borrowed a radio and with 5 watts you can digi-peat through the ISS whenever it passes over. I'm in Northern California and it's pretty cool to be able to use a 2 meter FM with 5 watts and digi-peat from the ISS and talke to people as far away as Arizona and Washington state. If interested here's a few links to read

And Packet\APRS via ISS


01-27-2005, 17:48
Its about time you put that FT-8900 through its paces!:soap: