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lethal tupperwa
01-06-2005, 13:01
PTO= Abandonment time

I think we should utilize some of abandonment time with a few of these


lethal tupperwa
01-06-2005, 13:06
see pic

lethal tupperwa
01-06-2005, 13:07
see pic

HandyMan Hugh
01-06-2005, 13:09

Whoever did that had to have good management in their company
to allow that to go forward.

;z ;z ;z ;z

01-06-2005, 13:11
I know a few who would actually like the foil one!!;P

lethal tupperwa
01-06-2005, 13:12

lethal tupperwa
01-06-2005, 13:13

Roger C
01-06-2005, 15:30
Originally posted by lethal tupperwa

I just may have to steal that one! Ch-ch-ch-chiakeyboard!

(of course, I'd use an old keyboard, and stash theirs in a drawer after they get the joke...)

01-06-2005, 15:53
Originally posted by lethal tupperwa
see pic

LOL, the foil actually looks kind of cool!

01-06-2005, 23:27
Thoise are some cool ideas. And the 'victim' probably would not feel as if it was done out of meanness, would be almost a compliment. Almost.

Tvov, I have a customer who used about ten cans of

when he did his last PC mod.

His tower (inside & out...), the keyboard and mouse, as well the case, and even the front bezel of his CRT; everything got the works.

All I could say was, "Bling Bling Fo' Sheezy, Yo!!";Q ;a ;Q

02-02-2005, 14:38
I just read an article in Maxim magazine and here is the trick. It is a bit on the mean side but pretty damn funny.

You take a can of regular foam shaving cream (i suggest the 30% more can)and you put it in the freezer for 8 hours. After freezing you cut the bottom off with a can opener and place the can in a desk drawer or whatever... The foam begins to melt in about an hour and expands creating one hell of a large mess.