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01-12-2005, 10:07
Ok first let me state that I know next to nothing about radios.
That being said I figured that this would be good place to ask my question.
I have purchased 23 acres of land about 4 miles from my home and one day the money gods permitting would like to build a new home on that property.
However that is a few years down the road for now I will be content with my own private rifle range and campgrounds. I love having a piece of land to call my own.
I have dreamed about this type of haven for years however I have a problem (besides problems getting to the point).
There is a broke down old farmhouse that is a magnet for bottom feeders I have chased kids out looking for a place to party, found meth labs remains as well dealt with theft of almost every useable fixture in the house (I mean stealing a mans toilet that's low).
I also have an outdoor fuel tank and a barn with machinery that I donít messed with.
My idea is a product called Dakota Wireless Driveway alarm it consists 2 watt MURS transmitter with built in I/R sensor and a home "Base" station transceiver that picks up the signal from the sensor as well allow two communication with a hand held monitoring unit.
Ok here is my question the transmitter in the sensor unit is said to be good for two miles in wooded or hilly terrain and 4 miles flat. The terrain between my property and my home is cornfield and small stands of timber and a few small rolling hills and terraces. If I attached the sensor unit to external pole mounted antenna (FCC reg. state no taller the 60 ft) Do you think this would extend the range to 4 miles under the conditions that I stated?
Would I also have to connect the base station to an external antenna and perhaps mount it the roof of my house (I sit on top of a hill the highest spot in my town)
Thank you for your time and consideration I look forward to your replies.

01-12-2005, 16:00
We need to know what frequency it operates on and the power output of the transmitter to really be able to advise you. Can you give us that information?

01-12-2005, 16:46
Transmitter power is 2 watt as for the freq I don't know. I only know it operates on MURS Multi Use radio Service so I would assume whatever freqs are reserved for MURS?
I stated before I know next to nothing about radios.
Thanks for your time and consideration.

01-12-2005, 17:13
If the device is on Murs frequencies then it is VHF. The frequencies it would run on is 151.820, 151.880, 151.940, 154.570, 154.600. To answer your question yes it probably would extend the range but you would need a really good antenna and a low loss cable. If you use a high db gain antenna the setup should do exactly what you want it to do.

01-12-2005, 20:54
Thank you for the information. Could you explain what constitutes a "good" antenna what should I be looking for.
Is a possible for a 3 to 4 transmitters to share the same antenna by using some sort of 3 or 4 into one splitter or adapter? (kind of like a power strip using one outlet but powering multiple devices.)
Could anyone give me rookies briefing on antenna terms such and "2 meter, 6dbs gain, 1/4 wave, tunable etc.
As far as cable is 50ohm the industry standard is there other features that I should be looking for?
Any information or perhaps a point in the right direction for newbie radio explanation would be most helpful.