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01-12-2005, 15:04
My wife is wanting to get rid of her tummy roll. She's been working out at the local ladies gym 2 hours a night, 5 nights a week. She's been doing this for several months and seems to have hit a brick wall on her weight loss..didn't lose any of her tummy. All they have down there are treadmills, exercise bikes, and toning tables (my wife uses all of them). I was thinking about getting a bowflex (the machine with the rods). I know it's not as good as working with free weights, but it don't take up much room, and is easy to use alone. Any of you guys have one of these, or know someone who has one? Heard anything about them?

01-31-2005, 16:57
I am curious myself. Some one has to know or have experience with this machine.

01-31-2005, 21:42
I have got one, I used it religiously when I got it. It's now a clothes rack but I do use it from time to time. My wife even uses it sometime and it was her idea to buy it.

02-02-2005, 00:41
We opted for the ParaBody CM3 it's the same company that makes Lifefitness equipment. Both units are great for the reason that they use cables and pully's which are much more adaptable to different size users - I am assuming if you invest in a home gym you will use it too;a . The other home gyms we found have fixed positions for the handles and I am not tall enough to comfortably use most of these systems. We got the CM3 for around 1400 which I understand to be considerably less expensive than the bowflex. We didn't consider the bow flex because something about the stored energy in the bands didn't feel right to either of us. The CM3 has a weight stack and there is no swapping around cables, rerouting etc that I've seen on the bow flex. It is really really easy to move from one work out to the next. The best thing to do is shop around at speciallty fitness stores in your area - wear comfy clothes and try them.

We were regular gym members and finally got tired of dealing with all that comes with "going to the gym" and I'm happy to report that our experience has been that we work out more!!!! We bought the gym, and cardio setup in June and it has been great! I actually just finished working out. :)

Now for the bad news, it is impossible to spot reduce ...I know I know all the magazines promise that anyone can have that perfectly flat tummy but not everyone can. Weight training added to any routine will make the best of what you have by helping build muscle an burning more calories all day long. Core training such as pilates, or ball workouts will also help the ever so problematic abs by toning the torso. But, remember it takes time and then more time and then more time. Look for as many ways as possible to measure success. Body measurments Arms, Thighs, Calf's, Hips, waist, bust. Take pictures so you can see how your developing muscle tone. Above all don't give up - at worst you are strengthening your heart, your bones, your immune system, you are reducing your risk for oh so many terrible diseases and working out will give you energy! :soap:

I am not any expert, I stuggle with my weight, I LOVE to eat, I workout as much as possible and I feel better about myself because of it oh yeah and I have a tummy too


Good Luck;f

02-02-2005, 15:06
Thank you, Christine. It wasn't the answer I was hoping for, but was the honest answer I was expecting. Could you tell me how often and how long you generally work out, and how long you've been involved in resistance (weight) training? alan

02-04-2005, 14:34
I would say I've always "worked out" but it wasn't until we bought the home system that I've had a consistent training program, that was June '04. Since that time I've worked out on average 4 days per week most weeks I get in 5 or 6 workouts but I never go less than 3.

I alternate cardio only with and stretching and then weight and core training (w/10-15min cardio warm up) every other workout. My workouts are 45min - 1.5 hours depending on the day my mood etc. I vary my workout every 5 weeks. I am down 1 full pant size from Jan 04 and now those are starting to get loose! :)

I am starting to see some definition in my arms, and legs I think my face and neck look better. My resting heart rate is down to 53 and I generally fell great ;f

I have not lost more than 4 pound ;g so I am convinced I've added muscle and tone so I try not to focus too much on the scale. I just bought a scale that supposedly measures body fat, I don't like the number it is giving me :( but I figure I will use that as a guide to see if in 6 months I can get that down.

02-04-2005, 14:40
Sounds good...thanks again..alan

02-07-2005, 08:35
I have a Bowflex and I love it. I have been using it religiously since April and have seen noticable results in strength and muscle size. That being said, it is definitely not the machine for you if you want to get huge. I use it three times a week

02-08-2005, 09:04
I have a Bowflex, and I agree with Tag to an extent. If I lived in a small apartment, or could have only one piece of equipment, the Bowflex would be it. The cables do not feel exactly like free weights, but forcing the muscles to contract against any resistance is a good thing.

This may seem strange, but to me the strength I built with Bowflex was not "real" in that it did not translate into the real world. I had the 310# rods, and got to the point that I could bench all 310#, I got bigger, and I felt stronger, and got to thinking I was big and bad with a 300+# bench press (hubris I know).

Then I stepped up to a free weight bench, and could only do 175#, what an ego bruiser. The strength didn't seem to translate, and the ratings for the rods didn't correlate to free weights very well.

I can heartily recommend Bowflex for overall fitness and versatility, but if you really want to get into bodybuilding or serious strength training, you will outgrow it.

Hope this helps.

02-14-2005, 19:05
I don't know anything about the bowflex, actually I'm curious about them as well, but I wanted to add that your wife should try other activities like jogging, bike riding (the real kind; not stationary), hiking, etc.

Very important part of working out!