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01-18-2005, 02:20
I wrote this about 10 years ago after a trip to the Colorado Rockies. What do you think? -Ewert

Mountain Wanderings

As my mind wanders, I find myself on a mountainside facing East. Then sun rising - almost. It's that purple and pink that shows itself about a half hour before the actual sun crests the horizon. The wind blows through my hair and rushes past my ears. It's cold enought to cause a shiver to race up and down my spine and make my eyes water, but yet the deep emotion that wells up causes me to linger. I linger there until the magic moment when the upper edge of the sun splits the shadows of the landscape and causes the light to creep like the tide to my perch among the rocks. Soon the sun is so bright that even with sunglasses it is difficult to look East. The chill from the cold vanishes as the morning sun envelops me and caresses my face. Now that the once dark landscape is illuminated, I turn and look South. I can see the foothills from where I stand, rolling green. Now I turn my back toward the sun and look West into the vast expanse of uncharted territory, which lays itself out into a chain of mountain ranges. Here my shadow stretches over the edge into the shaded cliff below. Not unlike a river, the two lane road below meanders between the multiple peaks and clings to the rock walls as if hanging on for dear life. To the North I can see a mountain lake dribbling into a stream, which carves a path for itself as it searches for something. I get the impression that as it picks its way between the rocks that it has a purpose. Turning back East, the sun now has fully revealed itself as a glowing orb of light and warmth.

As I shove my hands in to my jean jacket pockets, I return to reality and descend from the mountain into tht hurried life below. Time seems to stand still up there. I pick up a small stone and absentmindedlly rotate it between my fingers. As if on impulse, I hurl it skyward, only to watch it fall, fall, fall...until it lands with a sharp "CRACK!" Then clattering,it nestles itself among it's new neighbors. The natural high is indescribable and coming down almost brings a sense of heaviness. I turn and look back at my perch and a shiver courses through me as I anticipate the next time I can experience heaven while here on Earth.

01-20-2005, 01:11
What do I think? I think I like it.

Having experienced what you were describing was nice so I was able to recall it using your superb detail. Thanks.

01-20-2005, 04:04
Thanks! After experiencing it I wanted to try and capture the feeling on paper.