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01-20-2005, 06:47
I just got a notice my broadband is going up $10 bucks a month to $50 bucks, plus $5 a month for the modem, from $3.

My first thought was bolt them, oh excuse me, I meant another hardware item.:)

DSL is $40 for 1.5 MB, so for only $10 a month more I get twice the service. I have checked my speed on cable, and it routinely runs 2.5 + MB.

Anyone have a valid reason to switch to DSL? I read the thread from a few days ago. I don't get much of a slow down effect from my neighbors on the same cable.

The only plus I can see from DSL is the ability to hook up another computer at no extra charge. I had a few outages in October, but cable has been pretty reliable overall.

I also notice Qwest has a price increase hitting DSL.

01-20-2005, 06:54
Man, that sucks. DSL by me is $26.95 for 1.5/384, or for $36.95 3.0/512.

If you have a certain voice package you can get the lower tier for $19.95.

01-20-2005, 11:53
The only plus I can see from DSL is the ability to hook up another computer at no extra charge

HUH!? What you talkin bout Willis?

I have broadband cable modem and I have 10 machines hooked up.

It's called a router and a 24 port switch.

01-20-2005, 14:10
Thanks for the tip, Ninja, I'll check into it. The DSL info said a $90 piece of equipment would do it; I think it was a wi-fi set up.

01-20-2005, 14:18

And, being the nice guys that they are, all broadband companies are more than happy to charge you to set up a network...

I have often thought about calling and asking for a setup like mine, w/Linux firewall box with honeypot & '*****slaps', custom hardening on the LAN ect., but I am sure they just have a tech install some CAT5 Crossover cable, run NetSup in XP, and that's it.

My setup would get a "That's Not A Supported Service", no doubt. ;Q

01-20-2005, 15:57
Now I know I'm in Tech Talk- whatever you just said went right past me. ;c

01-20-2005, 19:36
I've heard the DSL speed is consistent since you aren't sharing the line with others in your neighborhood like cable. Cable speeds can slow down if your neighbors start downloading at the same time as you.

But from what I gather in practice, cable is consistently faster while only a little more costly as you have figured.

The only way I would get DSL is if I had no choice to get a high speed connection any other way.

01-20-2005, 19:51
Yeah, when I sobered up after getting over my mad, didn't look like I had much choice. They probably know that...:)

I am going to go get my own modem, whittle down the overall cost some.

Man, $600 bucks a year just for the internet- I used to be able to live on that for a month.:(

01-20-2005, 21:14
It depends on what you use it for. If you're into online gaming or Xbox Live that cost is more than worth it. Very few things can provide that much entertainment for less money.

01-24-2005, 18:22
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01-28-2005, 16:01
Thank you, I am going to go check that out!^c