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01-22-2005, 16:32
I was wondering if anyone here attended these motorcycle repair schools. Are they worth it? Which one is better?

I would like to attend one of these part-time while working. It is my dream to eventually own my own shop. I will soon complete my MBA and have a strong business background. Now I need the repair background to round myself off. Thanks for the replies.


01-22-2005, 18:23
Use the MBA and go make some money. Work on bikes and be happy but work more hours and be broke...

01-22-2005, 18:31
Money is not everything. But then again being broke REALLY sucks.

01-24-2005, 21:46
Originally posted by jeffd
Use the MBA and go make some money. Work on bikes and be happy but work more hours and be broke...

Yeah I think gixxer11 will agree. That is why he is an EX-motorcycle mechanic. The money is not there (especially at dealerships). Get a job that pays well and tinker on bikes on the side. You will have a much better life that way.

Unless you have soemthing really special and can do something no one else can do, the pay sucks.

01-25-2005, 15:12
I've meet alot of people that graduated from both of those schools. Some turned out ok, some not. Even though you spend a lot of time training, you still have no idea what it's really like untill you do it for a living. You'll get a lot more training by finding a reputable shop, that is willing to hire an untrained mechanic. That's what I did. The shop I worked for was run by really good people, and my manager was a great teacher (make sure where ever you go, they know what they are talking about so you don't learn shoddy worksmanship or wrong information). Honestly, it takes about 5 years of wrenching before you really know what your talking about. I've heard that from other mechanics (car and bikes) and found out it's true. The down side is you don't make a lot of money, especially in the begining. There are a lot of nice "perks" though, but the mortage company doesn't care if you had a "bad week" or not enough business. That's a great idea that you have, I'm just giving you things to think about. Maybe you could hire a quallified mechanic that is willing to work with you. Good luck!